TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   OIT,Burla,Sambalpur-19 Mar 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   OIT,Burla,Sambalpur-19 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, I am pravas samantaroy from oit burla I am from CSE branch. TCS conducted a recruitment drive in our campus on 19th March 2008 and recruited 135 students. Now I am a TCS-ian!!!

    On 25th we had a pre-placement talk. The TCS officials gave a presentation and told us about their company and services.Listen to this talk carefully. It might help you in the interview. always try to participate in Q&A session. this can  put certain impression on the recruiter.

    The test is divided into three categories
    1>10 synonyms& 10 antonyms&passage

    3>critical reasoning

    The test duration was 1+1/2 hr. we were supplied with booklet and answer sheet .there was no minus or sectional cutoff also there was no upper cutoff. so attempt every question .TIPs to clear written test
    1>for tcs do not solve any aptitude book .just prepare 10 to20 question paper of tcs from freshersworld and believe me  the questions are just the repeatation of previous paper with little or no modification of data. so don't waste your time 
    In aptitude part rather u prepare english from BARRON'S 12th ed.if u don't have BARRON'S 12th ed then u can download .The pdf file from net. u need not have to read all the book but only prepare.The five model test which are given in last part of the book. that is sufficient for u to clear the written exam.

    We had just 1 combined tech and HR interview. You might have 2 rounds. For tech interview my sincere advice is that BE THOROUGH WITH YOUR BRANCH SUBJECTS! Out of the 4 computer subjects (c, c++, ds and rdbms) prepare any one thoroughly and at least the basics of other 3.

    For HR interview prepare some general ques like:
    1. Tell me about yourself
    2. Strength and weakness
    3. Why TCS
    4. Why IT (for non-stream students)
    5. Where you see yourself after 5 years
    6. Hobbies and interests
    7. Your idol and why
    8. question on non consistency of your career
    9. what is your favourite subject& why?
    10.question on tcs goal

    1. Dress properly
    2. ALWAYS have a smile on your face
    3. Be confident and enthusiastic
    4. ALWAYS be polite and humble
    5. NEVER bluff. If you don?t know something tell them politely
    6. ALWAYS try to lead the interview
    7. During tech interview, ALWAYS explain them the concept. This will also show them your communication skill.
    8. NEVER EVER argue with the interviewer
    9.Maintain eye contact when u answer their question 
    10.always ask a suitable question when they allow u this can make a big impact towards your attitude

    So friends, BEST OF LUCK for your campus recruitment. BE CONFIDENT AND YOU WILL MAKE IT!

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