TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-23 Jul 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-23 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    TCS Recruitment Rounds
    a. Written Exam
    b. Technical Interview
    c. HR Interview
    d. MR Interview
    TCS visited my college during 23-25 of July 08.On the first day we had the written exam. But unlike the previous exams no question was repeated in the verbal and quantitative section.In critical reasoning out of 3 problems 2 were from the five model test papers of barron's 12th edition.

    Verbal round
    No word from high frequency list.As i didn't prepare for this section my 95% synonym and antonym were wrong..I did the reading comprehension and fill in the blanks seriously.

    Quantitative round
    Questions were of easy-medium level,I did it well but was not able to complete the section due to the fracture in my hand.

    Critical reasoning
    2 problems were repeated from barrons model test paper,12th edition and 1 was new.
    I was not very much sure about clearing the test bcoz of the verbal round(the cut-off is predefined) , but finally i got through.Out of 340 that appeared in written test 176 were selected.

    Technical Interview
    I had only revised C and how motor works(I m in EEE branch) but I was confident, although some of my friends had around 5-6 subjects in thier hands.Even I was thinking what to say about my favorite subject,as this is the most commonly asked question in TCS interview. So, finally my turn came up there were 2 interviewers on my panel.
    Me:- Good afternoon Sir, good afternoon ma'm.
    After seeing my resume both the interviewers started underlying some of the points in it.
    int1:-have a seat.(never take a seat before their permission)
    int1:-What happened to your hand. (Actually I had a fracture in the elbow of my right arm ).
    Me:-told them
    Int:1-introduce yourself
    Me:-introduced (native place, family background, hobbies, interests etc.)
    Int2:-Did to listened the Rahul gandhi's speech (Since i mentioned newspaper reading as my hobby)
    Me:-No ma'm as I was busy in preparing for the interview. (don't ever lie)
    Int1:-Explain your projects
    Me:-Explained them in nutshell in 3-4 min.
    Int1:-Asked me to write a program in C
    Me:-Explained them the logic verbaly.  (as i was not able to write)
    Int2:-Asked some C questions.
    Me:- confused, answered some of them, i was like 50:50
    Int:- What is the basic building block of commands of microcontroller, like alphabets for english
    Me:-Gave some stupid answers. (nemonics was the right answer)
    Int:-what other computer subjects you have read.
    Me:-Digital Electronics  (Since i haven't revised DS,DBMS)
    Int:-what i the differnce between analog and digital signals.
    Int:-You can go now.

    After coming out as per my experience i had a 50:50 chance. Finally i got the call for HR. again 2 person in the panel (Out of them one had taken the TCS presentation)
    Me:-wished them
    Int:-What happened to your hand.
    Me:-Explained them the reason
    not satisfied with my reason, started cross-questioning me as if I have done a crime. (Even there was a reason for his such question bcoz I met the accident when I was crossing the railing to enter the market, but that was the only way to enter the market )
    Int:-How can a old lady enter the market.
    Me:- By crossing railing (as it was around 1.5' high)
    Int:-Do you know load,effort and fulcrum model.We had studied it in school.
    Me:-sorry sir,not able to remember it.
    Int:-you know what is fulcrum.
    Me:-It is like the shape of bucket.
    Int:-(not satisfied)U dont know the meaning of fulcrum? You have defeated the very purpose of asking the question.
    Even then he lifted a glass and asked me about the load,effort and fulcrum points.
    I told him about load and effort.
    Int:-What is your favorite subject
    Me:-transmission and distribution
    Int:-what are the differnt transmission and distribution companies in delhi .
    Me:-Confused,gave the answers that i could have remembered at that time.
    Int:-what is transco
    Int:-who owns NDPL.
    me:-Gave wrong answer.

    Now he started firing of questions
    Int:-What is CD.
    Int:-what is 1 MB
    Int:-What is floppy
    Me:-expalined size,memory space and older version.
    Int:-Pen Drive
    Me:-Memory space doubles in every 5-6 months.
    Int:-What is the latest available in the market
    Me:-8 MB
    Me:-around 1000
    Int:-someone has looted you,if I take a pic of yours it will be around 2Mb.
    Me:-Sorry sir,8 Gb
    Int:-you should be.You need to be alert while speaking to clients.
    Int:-have to seen TCS site
    Me:-yes sir
    Int:-write it
    Me:-I can't write
    Int:-tell me
    Me:-I skiped the colon (:),else it was correct 
    Int:-he tried to confuse me on the colon.
    Me:-But, I stick to answer
    Int:-What is https
    Me:-Dont know  (s stands for secure connection)
    Int:-do u have net connection in your home
    Int:-which vendor
    Me:-tri-band invi 249
    Int:-download allowed
    Int:-download speed
    Me:-varies from 10-250 kbps
    Int:-what is kbps
    Me:-kilo bytes pes second
    Me:-no sir, kilo bits per second
    Me:-(pause for 5-10 s) kilo bytes per second and I am now very much sure
    Int:- good.what are the domain names.
    Although i knew,but due to some misinterpretetion I didn't answer the question
    Int:-You are not much aware of internet
    Me:-I belong from a village and I am using internet only for the past 2-3 years,that's the main reason
    Int:-tell me about the TCS revenues
    Me:-told him completely the last fiscal result.
    Int:-TCS employees
    Me:-1 lkh 15 thousand
    Int:-gud, TCS share price as of today
    Me:- 860     
    Int:- Damn gud (nw quite impressed)
    Int:-What are the 5 top IT companies in India
    Me:-TVS,Infosys,Hcl,Wipro, Satyam, I had read it a week ago in newspaper.
    Me:-What is modem
    Me:-Why to just increase the complexity of the system by adding extra hardware.
    Int:-Explained the reason about all losses,etc.
    now, the lady interviewer
    Int2:- So Akshat,what u see about TCS.
    Me:-I was a bit confused how to answer this question,told everything like why i wanna join TCS,about its training   program,etc.
    Int2:-Why your percentage is low.  ( mine was 72.3% )
    Me:-Bcoz in am involved much in extra curricular activities.
    Int:-Can u leave your studies for the sake of such activities.
    Me:-No ma'm , will improve it in the final year.
    Int:-any questions.
    Me:-What TCS expects from us before joining.
    Int:-Learn some languages.

    The next day it had MR interview
    this time single person only.he only asked about my hand, intoduction and any question about TCS.

    Finally 82 students were selected from our college including MCA and I was one of them

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