TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-20 Apr 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-20 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I had attended a campus  interview of tcs when it had come to our college about 300 students appeared for the online test out of which 110 were finally selected. I cleared the online test but couldn?t make it after technical round and these were the questions which were asked
    The online test is very easy. It comprises of three sections
    Aptitude section
    Just go through the previous papers

    Vocab section
    Cram the 350 gre high frequency words

    Critical reasoning
    This section is very easy.. Just cram all the problems given in gre barrons by heart of model test papers .these wre the asked questions in tcs in the technical round ... it went for around 40 minutes
    the questions asked were like this
    tell me about yourself
    what's ur fav subject
    ..i said microprocessor
    ...then he asked what are signals
    ...then he started asking about data structures
    ...i said that i don't know
    ...then he asked to swap 2 variables using a single pointer
    ... i was blanked
    ... then he asked what would *p++ do
    ... i said that it would increment the value of the variable pointed by the pointer p.. but these was wrong it would infact increment the address of the variable pointed out by p
    ... he asked what was http, html, www
    ... i told him the full forms but he wanted to know more
    ... till now the first perso was interviewing and the other one was watching now the second one came into the picture and said to me that if i dont know the answer i sholudn't try to bluff..he said that he didn't expexted me to answer all the questions
    ... and then he started asking me some tough questions
    ... what is hysterisis loop .. draw it
    .. i had drawn it
    ... he then asked what does it show
    ... it gives us the characterstics between B and H
    ... he asked what does its area corresponds to
    ... i again went blank
    ...he then asked this queston


    what will be the output
    .. i said that it will move into a infinite l;oop
    ... he said that he agreed that the loop will be infinite bit it would stop after one stage .. what was the condition
    ... again i could nt reply
    ... then he asked

    flaot i=1.0
    double j=1;

    what will be the output
    i said 1 but the answer is 2 simply because flaot values cant be compared
    ... he then asked about the practical applicaion of the xor gate
    ... he asked about the capacitance and the use of it
    ... questions related to hobbies he asked

    i thought that they are basically checking ur confidence .. simply say no if u do not know about any question and try to maintaion eye contact



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