TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-2 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-2 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012



    COMPANY                                                      :    TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES


    DATE OF SELECTION PROCEDURE           :    8-9 FEB , 2010


    WRITTEN TEST                                                : 8 FEB , 2010


    INTERVIEW                                                       :  9 FEB , 2010


    COLLEGE                                                           :  SHRI RAM SWAROOP MEMORIAL                                                             

                                                                                    COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND              

                                                                                     MANAGEMENT ,LUCKNOW








    Hi there..This is to give you all a complete overview of the TCS SELECTION PROCESS??.







    Consists of 10 antonyms , 10 synonyms , one passage having filling up the blank and one passage to read and related 5-6 questions . Supposed to do the entire section in 20 mins???





    Supposed to do in 40 mins?.


    Consists of simple maths questions on linear equations , fractions , ratio and proportion , and tuff questions on DATA SUFFICIENCY


    Example of data sufficiency like


    Mark option (a) if question can be answered using option 1 alone..


    Mark option (b) if question can be answered using option 2 alone..



    Mark option (c) if question can be answered using both the options..



    Mark option (d) if question can be answered using none of the options


    A bar graph and pie chart question was there?


    25 people speak Hindi only


    30 people speak English only 


    40 people speak Tamil only


    25 people speak Hindi and English


    25 people speak Tamil and English


    25 people speak Hindi and Tamil


    How many people speak atleast one language ??


    How many people speak no language at all??


    Such type of question???????






    Came from Barron?I got 3 CR?s to be done in 20 mins?


    1st one was Model Test Paper 1 University Profs? Section 5  ?.J,K,L,M,N  and so on?


    2nd one was Model Test Paper 5   SCURVY Ques???Last one  in Section 7


    3rd one was not from Barron?s but was easy so could do it..


    Other CR?s were



    1) Splenkeures CR which includes Cave questions?.Abbott, Explorers?etc..


    2) Varsity players who have to be seated such that 2 of them are best friends , so must be seated together , one is allergic to smoking so must be seated at extreme end near the exit point?..etc?.


    INTERVIEW ON 9th FEB , 2010




    I entered the room?There was only one single person?Wish him / her and don?t sit unless he / she asks you to do so?


    Then he asked me if I had done my breakfast ? I said yes?Then he asked me how well can u make programs..To which I replied that I can make simple programs in C and JAVA which I used to do in labs?


    Then he asked me if I knew sorting to which I replied ?. I said Yes?.Then he asked me to write a program that finds out out a minimum of three numbers?


    I did so?I didn?t know whether I was correct..I was nervous?He asked me what error the program will give if we run it..


    I hadn?t include the header files?so I said that I didn?t include header files?To which he asked me what are header files?


    I said these are preprocessor directives that tell the compiler to do some initial work prior to compilation process?.and since in the program we have included the printf()

    and scanf() functions so if we don?t include the files such as and < conio.h> , it will give compilation error?


    Then he asked me what did I know about normalization?.To which I said I had studied only 1 NF and 2 NF Forms and explained the same with examples?


    That?s it?these were the questions he asked me in the technical round?







    There were 2 people who took my MR????????..


    Initially they asked me the difference between Computer Science and Information Technology?.

    Since I am a rank holder , so the other person asked me what rank do I hold?.and I said I m one of the rank holders, I was trying to be modest?and he said u r the topper and I agreed?


    Then he asked me what would I do if my husband was posted in Jabalpur and me in Chennai?


    Then he asked me about my technical paper that I had published..


    Then he asked me whether I wanted to do higher studies to which I said a simple , straight no?????Don?t ever show them that you have an inclination of studying further otherwise they will simply chuck you out??.


    My MR was 30 mins long????.







    In HR , he asked me how I pronounce my name?.


    Then he asked me my city name and for what is it famous?..


    then he asked me about the technical paper?


    My HR was 10 mins long?????


    In the end they ask you whether you have any questions???.So better is if you ask them what knowledge and skills we need to possess if we are selected so that we are able to do well in the training???




    I am one of the 54 students who got selected???????????.








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