TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-14 May 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-14 May 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    TCS PAPER ON 14TH MAY,2008

    hiii,we have our written test online on 14th and the PI on the next day
    The OL test was of 3 sections

    go through barrons word list for the 10 synonyms and 10 antonyms (its difficult to remember all the words but if u have heard the words previously it will be easy to answer)
    The 2 passage of this round were very long but not so difficult you will not get enough time for these passage ,but nothing to worried as no need to answer all the questions,,there may be upper cut off
    just go thru the previous yrs pappers (from freshers world)
    and do some work in pie chart, bar graph from R S Agarwal
    Barrons 12th edition 5 test papers,, don't mug up coz u may get some out of this
    but if u have done these test papers u can easily solve the reasoning part
    i had get all the 3 from barrons ,as i had done it this section was over in just 3 mins
    After i press the exit button i got a congrats masg in the screen (don't worry if u get a failure msg coz the final result will be announced after 10 or 15 mins of the test).

    Next day I have my interview in the 1st slot (as my name starts with A n branch is CS)
    they had told us to reach by sharp 8:30 morn but the interview starts after 10
    there were 11 or 12 panels each with 2 persons (one for tech n other for HR)
    it may happen that u will be asked only technical questions,as in my case

    I don't remember all the quest as they had asked more than 20 quest
    some of the quest
    ->introduce urself (the only HR quest asked to me)
    ->what is OS
    ->what do u mean by multi programming, multi tasking.
    ->quest on cpu scheduling
    ->what r your this sem subjects
    ->difference between array n linked list
    ->given a situation what to use array or linked list
    ->pointet related quest
    ->quest on sorting and searching
    and many more

    tips:go tru technical part it will raise ur confidence
    as they had asked me u hv written DS in ur CV r u sure u can ans my quest(i replied confidently yes)
    go through RDBS and DS its very impt
    Be confident.Alwz hv an eye contact with both of the interviewer.Don't bluff

    and at last at midnight the results were declared 
    125 students were selected from our colg...including me

    so gals and guyz see u all at TCS

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