TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   National Engg College , Kovilpatti-18 Apr 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   National Engg College , Kovilpatti-18 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    hai guys this is the paper that came 2 me in my aptitude session. Dont mug up or fail to work on questions which will b of great blunder to ur score.Only 10 of the 38 questions are repeated all others are fully new &where some datas are also not given in critical reasoning part.
    Here are some which i remember
    1.which number of the series 65   33    17  !!  7  5
    2.What is rate of transmission for a bucket of data N kb to b transferrred at a rate of .0001 bits/sec(similar to the old bucket sum which has the
    answer of30 milliseconds )
    3.What is the temperature rise b/w 4 pm and 9 pm in chennai at the rate -t?2/6+4t+12
    .Recursion of g(n-2)+g(n-1) find g(6) where g(0)=g(1)=1
    5.venn diagram sum i dont know corect ques but it is a old one.
    6.a,b,c has afuel loss of 30%,20%,40% what is the net fuel consumed.
    7.A,B,C can finish awork in 4 days.A can do it in 12 days.b alone in 18 much days does c take to do.
    8.The plane travels from 32deg 10 degE to 42 Deg 70 deg W the plane lands at 2 has travelled 10 hrs.What is the local time.
    9.animal-lion=type of

    these r some syn/anty i remember.I referred gre barrons book 12th edition eventhough the antonyms seemed to b tough
    mite,=       ,tender=soft    tenacious=            exonerate=         
    defiant,divident,appease, all are very high freq words 

    this is mainly based on the growth of the company some chart is given and u notice that is easy.

    critical reasoning
    some thing from barrons that is given which is heavy and inadequate in data
    some relation may b given and ques may b asked who is related with who? if a is the sister to b what will b C such ques willb given.
    Then if premji want to select  4 plumbers and 2 electricians. The hiring mall has send 3 electrician and remaining  plumbers. The they are olive ,miraj,varun.The plumbers are saji.varun,and som bla bla............(i forgot it)

    a is north west of b and south to c like that one sum is asked
    Moreover there is a sum on widows system in Barrons twelveth edition which is asked
    My friend got the same problem in Model test in Barrons which 5 people speaking some eng,french,italian and who needs interpreter to communicate this  is in 12 th edition.

    I prepared well but bad luck led me to elimination in the first round be bold and confident vocubulary should be studied well.
    TECHNICALLy  sound as basics of c like they may say 2 write a fibonacci,strcmp,strrev,pascals triangle,diff b/w array and pointers,structure and union and real time application such as how tube light works such may b asked.So b sound in all aspect I am an electronics engg though i know some basic .

    Forget the past and iam preparing for the next company wipro..... meet u with wipro ques bye bye!!Pray for me


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