TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Nagpur-10 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Nagpur-10 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012



    TCS visited our college G.H .Raisoni College of Engineering .The procedure was 


    Eligibility criteria               
    10th+12th+ engg aggr(upto 6th sem) - 60% & above people with 2 backs were also eligible fulfilling the criteria                  
    7th Feb. - Presentation regarding company was shown. Around 500 students were eligible from 2 colleges of Nagpur               
    8th Feb. - Online Aptitude test was conducted.Out of 248 students from our college 104 cleared the aptitude               
    10th Feb.-Interview TI+HR was scheduled              


    There were around 15 panels.                  
    I cleared the apti and the paper had all those repeatedly asked questions (from previous papers) so didn?t require any special efforts. People from any branch can clear this test.                  


    On the D-day, the candidates name were called randomly and TI was conducted first. Being a student of Computer Science I was asked regarding the subjects I had in 5th sem & 4th.I had mentioned Java in languages in resume so some simple programs based on abstract class, Inheritence were asked. Then they moved on database part, on that some queries were given and questions about various types of joints were asked. I was asked about Real-Time systems                 


    Then they asked me about the subjects in previous sem where I mentioned Signal & System and simple common sense questions based on those were shooted to me which I answered pretty much confidently. Some non-technical questions like "do you believe in GOD?" & a situation -based question was also given. The TI continued for about 20 minutes and the after 30 minutes my name was called for HR.Out of 104 students only 42 cleared the TI.                 


    In HR I was asked to rate myself in logical reasoning ,where I rated 3/5 a puzzle was given to me based on transferring the water from one bucket to other to a specific amount without using any measuring device, the capacity of the two buckets were told. No questions regarding my weakness/strengths/hobbies or my short/long term goals were asked in any of those interviews & my HR was completely of solving that puzzle which I almost did.                


    Finally the results were announced at 8 p.m and total 40 people were selected.From the whole experience I can say one thing that just keep your confidence level high with some technical knowledge and use ur common sense. Its really easy crack the apti and the whole thing then depends only on u!!!By God's grace i m selected and i wish all the students Best of Luck.      

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