TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MLTIR And Vardhaaman Hyderabad-8 Sep 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MLTIR And Vardhaaman Hyderabad-8 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    This is Madhu from HITS  college of Engg.

    I have attended TCS on 8th September 2010, in MLRIT and TR in Vardhaman on 9th September.

    This is my interview experience.
    TCS having four rounds of test.
    1)    Apptitude
    2)    Technical Interview
    3)    Managerial interview
    4)    HR interview


    HR Interview

    It was very cool and interesting

    Here is the conversation between me and HR(Female Cute HR)

    HR: Hi How was the day
    Madhu: It?s quite excitement and tense
    HR : Why tense and why excitement

    Madhu: Excitement because I am just at the door step of my Dream

    Tense because of you

    HR: Me why(with smile she was asked)

    Madhu: Because you are the first female HR to interview me(I said with smile)

    HR: Ok all right Describe your self in one sentence

    Madhu: I said I am Hardworker and quick learner that makes me arrow high.(As my interview at the evening between 9 to 10 that?s why she didn?t asked me tell about your self)

    HR: Ok can you give one example as you are a quick learner

    Madhu: I and my friend have developed a Game for Gameloft within two days by learning J2ME

    HR: Oh does they shortlisted

    Madhu: With snile I said NOO

    HR: Ok Why TCS?

    Madhu: Beause I like TCS values like it respects individuals and knowledge sharing and tcs having social responsibility also

    HR: Well if TCS have a capable to have one social responsibility but it didn?t done it can u know
    Madhu: I said 108 Ambulance service when it was in trouble (I didn?t mention about Satyam as I have very +ve opinion on Satyam)
    For this HR was very impressed
    HR: How many times tou have visited TCS sit

    Madhu: around 10 to 15 times

    HR:Ohhh which colors you may saw when you browse it

    Madhu :Green and Blue

    HR: Can you draw TCS logo

    Madhu :Sure mam and I draw

    HR:Can you rate this

    Madhu: ya mam 7 out of 10(with smile I said)

    HR: Which events you have organized in schooling(as I mentioned in my resume as? Ihave organized many events in Scholling and college level)

    Madhu: Plantation event in my village with the help scholl management

    HR: Which position you prefer between Leader and manager

    Madhu :Manager

    HR: What is the difference between Mngr and Leader

    Madhu: Leader can think in one aspect only but a manger can have different dimensions to think?

    HR: Good and pleasure to meet you

    Madhu: That pleasure is mine mam. Thank tou

    Managerial Interview
    It is mainly to check your confidence
    Mngr: Hi Madhu with smile and shake hand

    Madhu: Hello sir

    Mngr: Bee cool don?t feel tense

    Madhu: with smile I said Ok sir Thank you

    Mngr: mmmmmm ok wat is ur weakness

    Madhu: I said one silly answer I drink tea number of times

    Mngr: Ohh how many times a day

    Madhu: 4 to five times

    Mngr: Come on yar it is not a weakness

    Madhu: I have it from my child hood onwards sir

    Mngr: Ok other then that

    Madhu: I spend more time with PC

    Mngr :how

    Madhu: Upto 2 am or 3  pm

    Mngr: ohh wat?ll you do upto that time

    Madhu: reading news and job search

    Mngr: that is how a weakness even that is more important now a days

    Madhu: But I am loosing my health

    Mngr: Ok tell about professional weakness:

    Madhu: I believe people blindly

    Mngr: Okk wat is ur goal

    Madhu: I want to become a team lead within five years and I wan to buy my own house in Hyderabad with in ten years

    Mngr: okk wat r the recent projects of india

    Madhu: UID project by Mr. Nandan neelekani and Passport project by Tcs

    Mngr: tell me TCS?s recent project: Cloud computing and Pass port automation project
    Mngr: Good ok I?ll forward you to HR you wait outside

    Madhu:Thank you sir

    Technical Interview

    Madhu: May I coming sir

    THR: Ya come and sit

    Madhu: Thank you sir

    THR: Tell about ur self

    Madhu: Bla Bla Blaaaa

    THR: What are your favourite subjects

    Madhu: C and java

    THR: He asked some basic 10-15 c questions and I answered all

    THR: What are yo ur favourite theoretical subs in academics

    Madhu: DBMS and CN

    THR: He asked me some five questions on DBMS

    And then asked about LAN WAN MAN and about OSI and TCP/IP layers

    THR: About project he asked some questions and I have witten two lines of code

    THR: Ok do you have sun certification (I mentioned it in resume)

    Madhu: Yes sir but it is not SCJP, it is from NIIT but through NIIT

    THR: Can you show that

    Madhu : I have given it to him

    THR: Ok write one program and impress me

    Madhu: I have written a program that can execute with out main(with this he impressed a lot)

    THR: Verry good I?ll forward you to manager interview

    Madhu: With a glowfull smile I said thank you Sir 


    It?s very easy and tricky if you have basic logics of tenth and inter you can easily crack it. All the questions which I got are questions like previous questions which are mentioned in freshersworld only but numbers and patterns is different.


    Finally after ten days I got conformation from TCS as I have selected for my Dream. Thanks for my friends(Special thanks to Srinu sir Ram, Naveen, Pavan and sathish )and Wamsie Sandeep chathanyaaa satya vamsy anil eshwar suresh ranganadh madhu all my roomates and Freshersworld and my Uncle.

    ?One thing I believe that with smart work you can become a Dhoni or any other but with hardwork you can become a Sachin?

    Madhu (,

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