TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MLRIT, Hyderabad-14 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MLRIT, Hyderabad-14 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends,

    Myself  Naveen  from Sai spurthi institute of technology, sathupally. I am from ECE with 75%.

    Written exam pattern:

    I have attended TCS written exam on 14-08-2010. It was about 1 hour(35 questions)0.33 negative marking. Almost all the questions are only on analytical reasoning. Just 2 or 3 from aptitude. In this, time is the most important factor, if we manage the time for all the questions we can easily answer atleast some of the questions. So guys please refer R.S. Aggarwal aptitude and analytical reasoning books.

    I have attempted 32 questions. Luckily i have cleared the written exam. I have got the mail on the day itself at 8pm. I was very happy but little bit tensed because i have to clear 3 more rounds. i.e TR, MR and HR.

    Technical round:

    I have been called for the further rounds on 18-08-2010. Being an ECE student, i have some fear how to face the technical round. I have prepared C, Data structure, Java(basics)on that three days gap only. He asked me around 45minutes.

    HE: Tell me about yourself
    Me: Told
    He: Tell me about ur project

    Me: Told

    He asked me that you have done the project or just tested?
    Ans: Yes sir. I have done the project and testing as well. I told some details of the project i.e. What are the components of the project etc.  
    He: What are the 5 interesting subjects in ur academics?

    Me: I said EDC, AC, DC, MCA, CMC

    He: What is meant my modulation and what are the types of modulation?
    Me: Told
    He: What is a transducer?

    Me: Told

    He: Do you have computer networks subject?

    Me: Yes sir i do have.

    He: Okay explain ISO-OSI reference model

    Me: I have drawn the picture and explained.
    He: Newton's four laws.
    Me: I told only newton's third law

    He: Okey

    He: Do you know C ,Data structure Java?
    Me:s sir but not not perfect.
    He: Okey. He asked me about pointers, arrays, structures, unions, different between structures and unions.

    Me: Told

    He: What are the searching techniques?
    Me: I just explained 3 techniques with algorithms.
    He: What is binary tree?

    Me: I have told something i could'nt remember actually whether it is right or wrong i told very confidently.

    He: Write any program and explain?
    Me: I wrote a program and explained.

    He: Okey Naveen. Will call you back. Just wait for a while.
    Me: Okey sir, thank you nice meeting you sir.

    I just waited for 5 minutes. I was called by someone to attend the next round i.e. MR one thing i wanna say you guys especially ECE guys, prepare our core subjects also. TCS interview pannel will be separate for IT and non-IT branches. They will be knowing all those things what he asked Okey.

    MR round:

    I went into the room and asked shall i sit sir. I think he was around 40 years old. He said yeah Naveen sit sit. I was bit tensed, what he is going to ask?

    He: So how are you naveen?
    Me: Fine thank you sir.
    It was very natural question but it made very comfortable to speak with him. He was very friendly.
    He: Okey Naveen. Tell me something apart from the resume

    Me: Ok sir. Can i speak on my family.

    He: Yeah sure. I spoke on my family background for 5 minutes.
    He: Why your percentage in B.Tech reduced compared to intermediate and ssc?

    Me: Told the reason. I think you can expect the reason behind it friends, movies etc.

    Ante B.Tech kadhandi appudappude ooha thelisindhi, koncham circle perigindhi, chadhuv dhobbindhi, Chinthakayala Ravi story.

    I told the same thing, not directly but the theme is same.

    He: Okey Naveen so you are interested in movies.
    Me: Yes sir
    He: Who is ur favorite hero?

    Me: I said Venkatesh sir.

    He: He was surprised and asked why?

    Me: I told he will be doing only family oriented movies and message movies. So that i love watching his movies.

    He: Okey with a smile.
    He:write a program to calculate the sum of 100 natural numbers in java

    Me: Because of ECE student i'm not perfect on Java programming. So i told him that i will write in C sir.

    He: Okey
    Me: Wrote and explained the code line to line.

    He: Tell me about your project
    Me: Told

    He: Okey naveen.wait for sometime for the result.
    Me: Okey sir, hand shake and told it was a very nice meeting you sir.

    He: Okey

    I have waited for 5 minutes for the result. I just waited for 1hour to face HR round since it was a lunch break for all. I had my lunch and came.

    HR round:

    She was a lady HR.i entered into the room very confidently.
    She: She called Naveen.
    Me: Yes gud afternoon mam

    She: Yeah very gud aftn..Tell me about urself

    Me: Told
    She: Why should i hire you?
    Me: Told

    She: What is your preferred job location?

    Me: Anywhere in India
    She: Tell me about your project i was very impressed on your project
    Me: Thank you mam.

    She: Any questions?

    Me: I was very curios to ask a question. How will be the training in your company mam?

    She: Told for 3minutes.

    Me: Thank you mam
    Me: Nice meeting you mam
    She: Me too. Bye Bye

    By the God's grace. I was selected in TCS. I came to know this confirmation after 1 month exactly i.e 20-09-2010. I'm just waiting for the joining letter now. Hope will receive soon.

    So guys the important tips for the TCS interviews are

    1. Core subjects preparation

    2. Positive attitude

    3. Confidence(Good preparation gives you the full confidence)

    4. Last but not least communication skills

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