TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MCKVIE, Liluah, Howrah -09 Jan 2011

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MCKVIE, Liluah, Howrah -09 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello friends....
    I am Pritam, CSE student of MCKV Institute of Engineering, 2011 passout batch...TCS came to our college 10th January 2011 for on campus recruitment.Here Iam sharing my interview experiences with all of you....

    First of all, u need to clear the aptitude test which consists of 35 questions..80 mins...for that u need to prepare the questions in freshersworld very well..also if you need more such questions, u can email me at
    I sat for the apptitude around 1.10 pm..the results were declared around 3 pm..I was selected for interview.
    Now, as far as the interview is was a combined TECH+HR interview. There were nearly 10 panels each consisting 1 Sir/maam...they were in different rooms and around 3:55 I was told by the co-ordinator to go to room no. 312....

    Here is the questions I was asked.....

    Me : May I come in Sir...
    Interviewer : ya sure..
    Me : Thank you sir.
    Interviewer : (while watching my form)So,'s the day going?
    Me : It's a fine day sir. But I'm a bit tensed.
    Interviewer : why so?
    Me : It's my life's first interview sir.
    Interviewer : (smiling) Do you need some water?(offering me a bottle of water)
    Me : Yes sir...Thank you.
    Interviewer : Feeling better now.
    Me : Yes sir, thanks again.
    Interviewer : Pritam ,tell me something about yourself.
    Me : Told.(plaese be prepared for this, this is your chance to impress the interviewer at the very beginning of the interview). I gave him my introduction, citing my strong points & I ended my introduction with a question : "Is there anything else you want to know about me sir??"..
    Interviewer : No Pritam , That's fine. Do you know binary tree? what is it?
    Me : Told.
    Interviewer : Good. What is binary search? whats its time complexity?
    Me : Told.(I think he liked my answer)
    Interviewer : Ok. Do you know about linked lists?
    Me :  Yes sir.
    Interviewer : Whats the difference between link list and array?
    Me : I told about memory allocations..etc..
    Interviewer : Write a code for insertion at any position in singly linked list.
    Me : Sir, should i write the whole code or just the logic will do?
    Interviewer : Ok, explain the logic.
    Me : Told.
    Interviewer : Do you know DBMS? what is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS?
    Me : answered.
    Interviewer : What is normalization? Explain the normal forms.
    Me : Sir, I cn explain upto BCNF..Idont know 4th n 5th nf very well.
    Interviewer : Ok, do it.
    Me : I answered with an example. The example I had given was a poor example(I gave a,b,c,d as column names) as I forgot the example I prepared, so be prepared with a real world example.
    Interviewer : Fine. Do you know C?
    Me : Yes sir.
    Interviewer : Write a program to print
                                               *   *
                                             *   *   *
                 height is given by the user.
    Me : i quickly did it.
    Interviewer : Good. Now can you print     
                                                2 3
                                               4 5 6
                       like this?
    Me : I did.
    Interviewer : What's the similarity between structures and union?
    Me : Answered.
    Interviewer : Do you know java?
    Me :  Yes sir.
    Interviewer : What are the types of polymorphism in java?
    Me : Itold with examples I prepared from Herbert Schildt..
    Interviewer : Ok. Why do you want to join TCS?
    Me : I told about the stature of the company, how I can make myself & the company grow in a mutual environment...also told about various awards TCS got, great feedback from my senior who are TCS employee..also told about N Chandrashekharan, who joined TCS as trainee like us & now is the CEO.
    Interviewer : (Impressed)Ok Pritam, thats all I need to know.(Smiling) Do you have any question?
    Me : Yes Sir. I was going through the TCS website yesterday and the first thing that I saw was Global Network Delivery Model. I am very eager to know what is it?
    Interviewer : It's a vast topic pritam. But to be precise...(then he explained the basic idea of GNDM)..
    Me : Thank you sir. It's a pleasure to talk with you sir.
    Interviewer : Same here Pritam. (Than he willingly brought his hand forward to shake my hand)
    Me : Shook his hand with a smile in face.Then again saying thank you, I came out of the room.

    My interview went for about 35 minutes.I came out around 4.30 pm. The results were declared at 8 pm...and I was selected. I was like on cloud nine....More so because almost all of my friends were selected. But, some did not get through, I was feeling bad for them. But you never know..a much bigger opportunity may be waiting for them.

    So, all aspirants, prepare well, be confidant & never lose hope..just remember one thing : You need not prepare all subjects at once. Prepare those which you are comfortable...& then keep in mind that : "You don't have to remember everything...because no interviewer is smart enough to ask you everything"...

    So best of luck to all of you...will meet you at TCS one day....Finally, thank I thank freshersworld for helping me a lot during preparation & giving me the chance to share my experience...I would also thank , & all my friends who helped me in solving the aptitude questions.If you face any problem regarding the solution of apptitude questions or interview preparation...feel free to mail me at

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