TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   LBS Institute Of Technology, Trivandrum-25 Jun 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   LBS Institute Of Technology, Trivandrum-25 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    My name is Sanjana. TCS company visited our campus on 25th june 2007. there was an online test

    1st section-----  vocabulary contains synonyms, antonyms,sentence completion and reading comprehension [only 1 passage with 4 or 5 sub questions]
    paasage will be there on the screen until we answer all the 5 questions
    choices r there for each qn.

    after 20 minutes it will automatically switch to the next section which is the quantitative aptitude for abt 40 minutes
    it consisits of 2 parts
    1st part most of the qn were from prev qn papers of tcs with their values changed like num series, memory addressing,coding,standard deviation,time and distance claculation.............................................................

    if u r thorough with the previous papers then this part will be easy for u

    2nd part data interpretation
    a pie chart and a bar graph each with 4 questionsthose types which r given in GRE barron's text

    section 3 -------- critical reasoning
    3 qns and each contians 4 sub questions: 

    section 1: for me this section was difficult
    section 2: if u solve the previous years tcs qn paper and the qn in aggarwal's appitude then this part will be easy for u and also data interpretation qn given in barron as well as in aggarwal's text
    section 3:if u solve all the analytical reasoning qn given barron's 12th edition  then it will be easy for u , for me the same qn which were there in barron's were asked with same choices solve those given in the model qn papers

    Reference texts:
    section 1: refer GRE BARRON'S 12TH/13TH EDITION
    section 2:previous tcs qn papers,, refer R S AGGARWAL's quantitative apptitude
    so try to get barron's 12th edition

    FOR ME  it was mainly hr
    a lot of qn were asked usual qns
    they asked each and every details written in the resume
    i hav written in my hobbies section painting
    they asked me t odraw gandhiji's painting like that
    they asked me to write a program in cpp and to explain it and some questions abt the pro, why we use iostream.h
    waht r classes, functions

    i am an electronics student . 2-3 qn based on our sub: digital  electronics = exor gate truth table implementation
    panel consists of 2 members they were friendly no need to get tensed.i hav answered all the qns.

    i wish u all the best for those who appear for tcs test. prepare well .

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