TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   KOLKATA-29 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   KOLKATA-29 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends, my name is ARUP KUMAR SINGHA ROY.

    I have done in ELECTRONICS AND INSTRUMENTATION ENGG from TECHNO INDIA(SALT_LAKE) in the year of 2009,  i cleared the aptitude, and as well as crack the interview also, i got the confirmation mail on my B'day(3rd SEP), that is the best B'day gift.
    Now gonna share some Experiences.

    CS-IT students you must clear the aptitude they will definately select you no doubt about that, TCS is now in hungry mode..:)

    I belongs to non-IT streams so, for non-IT students you must clear the aptitude and please make good knowledge about DS and C( loop, if-else, switch, struct-union, and most important pointer, function array, recursn  file is not needed but u have to know the libery functions used in file), and also make good knwldge about your stream subjects they ask you a lot of question from that and yeah final year project it's important most boss and whenever you gave any answars give it with a 100% confidence, so think before what you are going to say  and whenever you feel you are in a trap just make a good smile dont loose your confidence.

    For Aptitute : please visit the touch-stone question paper from freshersworld and please don't memorize the answer of the question, do solve the question, please know how to solve the problem because there was a lot of question which are similar but the data may change so the answer became diffrent, so be carefull about that. The aptitude based on mostly probability(6-7 q), age(4-5 q), avg (2-3 q), permu-combi(2 q), straight line(1 q), some resng type(3-4 q), area(2 q), train (1 q), time work (1 q), prft-loss( 1 q) etc etc.
    So please go through touch-stone plus R.S. Aggarwal..
    Note that:
    There is negative marks of .33 so plz avoid guessing...try to give ans atleast 20.

    Some Questions:
    1) Avg wt of class is X kg(some number) after adding wt of the teacger avg wt of class becomes Y kg then wat is the wt of the teacher??

    2) Probability sum on gloves,jackets and somethn lyk that(common q but data diff)

    3) There is a triangle, they give the values of the three side of that traiangle let x,y,z. now if u make a suare with those sides then what is the area of the square?

    4) KEYWORDS: density, reluctance, sensitivity, voltage ,current, what is the resistance Formula is ?R=V/I?

    5) Person travels to.distance between A to B is 280km.....if he goes from A to B with speed of 4kmph and
    returns back to B with speed of 5 kmph....what is his avg. speed of journey??(values may b different)

    6) Ferrari is leading car manufacturer.*Ferrari S.p.A.* is an Italian sports

     It has enjoyed great success. If Mohan's Ferrari is 3 times faster than his old MERCEDES wich gave him 35 kmph
    If Mohan travelled 490 km in his ferrari.
    the how much time(hours) he took??

    7) A pony ran away from stable she went to new york then went to US then to
    mumbai ran through grass...............Horse cought her after
    4 hours.....................then pony went to sky...............
    ...........................If speed of horse is 35kmph and he left stable 3
    hrs after pony left stable then what is speed of pony?

    8) A toy train can make 10 sounds sound changes aftr every 4
    now train is defective and can make only 2 sounds.................
    find probability that same sound is repeated 3 times consecutively(1 in

    9) KEYWORDS: Sports readers,10 tables,4chairs per table, each table has different number of people then how many tables will left without at least one person?

    10) The ratio of current age of X and Y is 5:7, total age 75(not sure)after hw many years der age ratio will b 7:9?

    11) One question from straight line something intersection

    12) The cost 1 plum is 1 cent ,2 apples is 1 cent,3 banana is 1 cent........
    if rahul buys same amount of fruits for his 3 sons spending 7 cent den what amount of fruit each child will get??

    13) Time and work (simple problem)

    14) Smita was makin 1 design .....(again some nonsence)....size of larger cube to be made is 5*5*5........
    using smaller cubes of 1*1*1....she created solid larger cube ..den she decided to make hollow cube...
    Then hw many 1*1*1 cubes rqd to make hollow larger cube

    15) A pizza parlor provides pizzas...there wer 2 toppings available initially peperoni and salami...
    but now they,ve introduces 8 new toppings (some names) to select from......
    a person wishes to buy two DIFFERENT pizzas

    of NEW how many ways he can do that??

    ANS: it is not 56 its 28.

    16) Two years before Paul?s age is 2times the Alice age and the present age of Paul is 6times the Alice. what is the presents Paul?s age???

    17) Susha brought terilon cloth and rope to (some nonsence nw jst go to last 2 lines)....''....
    if rope is 153 mtr long and it is to be cut into pieces of 1 mtr long then how many times will she have to cut it??

    18) In school there are some bicycles and 4wheeler wagons. One Tuesday there are 50 wheels in the campus. How many bicycles are there?

    ANS: do this from the options

    19) One problem on (a3-b3)/(a2+ab+b2) find (a-b) value?

    20) Tank related common one 10, 20, 30 ,40, then !/32=some number then ......?

    etc etc...

    I have done only 19 problems out of 35, but i am very much sure that all i made were 100% right. In last 5 min i did not solve any problem but still i holded my nerve and didnot make any guess, all my friends made 23-24 questions even one of my friend did 28 questions, at that time i was very much depressed, i thought i need to solve one more problem. But when the result was announced i have cleared the aptitude and some of my friends who solved more question than me unfortunately not cleared the aptitude just because of they made some guesses so my suggestion is that please don't make any guess.

    After that there is a form fill-up part, and next the my interview was held, truely speakng friends i could not sleep at that night and going to the interview hahahha. Sometimes i felt i was sleeping just before the interview gonna start, but when my name was announced for the interview i wake up from sleep and entered to the room to panel 9. It's a good experience when i recall this things my sleepy part ohh that's great. So funny isn't it?

    Ok listen what happen in interview
    interview: There were two person both are young may be 2-3 years elder than me. They took a brife look on the fill-up form and told me so u are Mr. Arup Kumar Singha Roy. Ok fine give your intro
    me:blah blah blah.
    intrvw: ok, what are u doing right now?
    me: presently doing diploma in Java technology.
    intrvw: do u know DBMS?
    me: sorry sir i dont know( i belongs to non-it stream), i just only know oracle 9i.
    intrvw: whc dbms is uesed in oracle?
    me: rdbms
    intrvw: why?
    me: told some reason but actually i dont know the original reason, i told them there is a option of insert, delete, drop, modify so it's should be rotational DBMS may be it is right.
    intrvw: so u know java
    me: actually java is just started so dont know to much abt dat..
    intrvw: they ask some basic defination from java(like what is oops, inheritnce,abstrsn,polymrphsm etc just defination)
    me: told
    intrvw:ok which lang u know properly?
    me: C
    intrvw: 100% confidence in C
    me: yeah
    intrvw: write vowel counting program and xplain..
    me: do and xplain..
    intrvw: what is toupper?
    me: told
    intrvw: what is string?why we r using it? what is d diff betwn %c and %S?
    me: told
    intrvw: array is a structure or not?
    me: yes.(not sure)
    intrvw: then why we r using structure?
    me: told
    intrvw: diff betwn strut and union?
    me: told
    intrvw:wap multiplication of matrix
    me: do and xplain
    intrvw:ok fine good
    me: thank u sir
    intrvw:why we r using pointer?
    intrvw: swaping using pointer what is d benefit of dat..
    me: told
    intrvw: some critical question from pointer i cant remember
    intrvw: ok wap of prime number, fibonacci, factorial,amstrong, sorting etc..
    me: all done and xplain confidently
    intrvw:they give me series and told do this
    me: do
    intrvw:what is #include ?
    me: told
    intrvw: can u make a header file with name arup.h?
    me: yeah i can.
    intrvw: how? And why u gonna make this?
    me: in that part i was in a trap but some-how i managed it from bulid processor part but my ans was not up to the mark, i understood from there xpression. but i gave them a cute simle to manage it.
    intrvw:can we write string main() instead of void main()?
    me: yeah we can but i didnt see yet
    itrvw: what is d o/p of printf("%d", );
    me: it will print a garbge value.
    intrvw:is there any compile time error?
    me: may be i dont know i do not do it practically but i read from book that it will produce a garbg value. but i think there is a compile time error but this error may be minimized by#pragma.
    intrvw: some question from DS?
    me: i am not in touch with DS but i know the basics and give them some ans..
    intrvw: ok what is ur final yr project?
    me: xplain.
    intrvw: tell me something abt ur stream?
    me: told abt PLC, DCS, they listen carefully,xpalin ladder logic
    intrvw: do X-OR gate by using NAND gate
    me: tried but unable to solve
    intrvw: ok fine dont worry.
    intrvw:how can u compete with CS-IT student if u r selected?
    me: give them a perfect ans.
    intrvw: ok do u have any question?
    me: first i ask there name and certainly one of them was start laughing is it ur question.. i was also replied with smile that no sir it was great to meet u so i want to know ur name that's why i am asking... ok sir plz xplain me the algo of the merge sort.
    intrvw: xplain verbaly...and ask anything else?
    me: no sir.. it's ok
    intrvw: ok u may leave now
    me: hand shake ( have a nice day)
    Ohh God it's took too much time almost 1 hour.
    And finally i got the confirmation mail on my bday(3rd sep). I am selected yaaaaaahhuuuuuuu.......really it's my best bday gift. hope you all enjoy it.
    If anyone need any help then mail me:  or
    Best of luck to all of you.... Hope to see you at TCS

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