TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Kohinoor Park,Hydrabad-6 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Kohinoor Park,Hydrabad-6 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends,  I am Murthy.. I attended TCS written test conducted on 6th OCT 2007 at Kohinoor Park , Hyderabad . I registered for it in the month of may and got the call for written test in month of OCT.  Process is quite simple.. u need to bring the mail the TCS sent for calling u and also a Hall ticket with u.. percentage is strictly considered and mostly fake may not work.. no gap what so ever is accepted between ur academics..   After registration.. u are made to sit in a room and called for the test. Number of people attended the test with me is really huge..i am not sure but I guess it sums up to nearly 20000(yes..  u heard me right..) for Two days 6th and 7th? Paper is quite easy.. three sets of papers X,Y,Z. The secret is?. The papers are old papers.. some of our question papers have answers marked in them.

     Section 1 : verbal
     This is really easy.. TCS has a database of words from barrons 12th edition and the words repeat like hell..  so if u plan to come to TCS written test, then  prepare 5 model papers in GRE Barrons 12th edition.. I bet anything that the verbal part don?t stray away from that..

    Section 2 : APT
    This is the easiest part.. it cant get easier that this,. Look for previous papers in freshersworld or chetanas .. the apt part is Photocopy of previous papers?

    Section 3 : Reasoning 
     Reasoning is the tough part.. refer RS Agrawal Verbal and non verbal reasoning book for this.. questions r easy but time consuming..

    All the best friends.. CRACK IT?
    My interview is on 27th OCT.. hoping to get through.. 

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