TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Kalyani Govt Engg. College-7 Jan 2011

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Kalyani Govt Engg. College-7 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    I'm Sudipta from kalyani govt. Engg College. I was able for direct interview as I have throughout 75% in acads as per rule of TCS in our college, Kalyani govt.
    My interview was completely "stressed" interview!

    First of all, at 11.30 I'm called. I was asked to introduce myself. In the mid of this he stopped me & asked what's my favourite subject I said Data structure. He asked me to sort an array using Heap sort. I was so feeling so unlucky that only this sort I skipped. I told I can't do this. Then he told me to do the same using Quick Sort. Done asked me the complexity of this sort told. Then asked me what's Hashing? what's hash table?. He looked unsatisfied with my 2nd answer.

    Then asked what's my favourite language told C. He asked what is enum in C. couldn't answer. I told I have revised basics of all subjects. He told me angrily "you are not studying at al!"
    Asked me about subjects of last semester. Suddenly asked me what's golden rule of accounts? " as Financial management was 1 of those subject. I got stunned then asked what's Pushdown automata? could not answer. He told me pda is frequently used in compiler design.
    Then asked me my weakness! told.
    Then asked me why TCS?

    When I told about its world class training! He said training of CTS, Infosys is also very good.
    When told about global exposure he simply tod why not Capgemini, Accenture?
    When told about work culture he denied.
    Finally he told me "I'm not convinced at all. you are rejected. Get ready for next company?" I kept my cool & told "I've tried my level best!"
    He asked me to question him!
    I asked " Why experience certainty"?
    He tod " you don't know this one. How can I select you?" I told I've an idea, questioning to check if mine is correct?"
    Thanking him. I left the room! I got derejected. Because I knew my interview has not gone well!
    At 11pm they declared the list of selected students! they hired 202 out of 241! I was one of them.
    Thanks god. Really thanks to my interviewer.

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