TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IPS Indore-20 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IPS Indore-20 Aug 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    I have attended TCS open campus held at Ips Indore on 20 August 2010.
    There were about 2000 students for 2 day process. They had two time slots 10 am and 1 pm on both days. The question paper was a bit tough. It contained puzzling information means useless information the trick is that you have to be quick and realize the soul of the question. Read the questions as soon as possible and write down the relevant information. Some of the question were from these topics:
    1.Blood relations.
    2.Time and distance.
    4.Simple algebra (formula based).
    9.Profit and loss.
    10.Number system.
    11.Time and work.

    The questions were simple but time consuming.
    out of 35 questions i did 25 correct questions. Please attempt only if your confident. Becouse of -ve marking.
    After written test about 200-210 candidates were short listed, major elimination. I thought by clearing this elimination round other round will be formality but to my great surprise, technical round was also a major rejecting round. Out of 210 students, about 80 students make it to the next round. If i talk about my technical, it last about 1hour 15min. I was from electronics back ground. So i was asked about electronics, but not basics. There were Two interviewers senior panel, they started from digital electronics. Fired question and i answered in between they asked me other subjects also to check are flexibility, they then asked me to write a program in C++ in three diffrerent types, i took 5 min to think and wrote they were impressed becouse it applied a new strategy a new type of program they asked me to write another program:
    ******* and lines without using arrays i took about 5 min and wrote program...
    they were impressed but continued asking question about electronics, about VLSI, Modulatn, types of amplifiers & ckt digrm, microprocessor,controllers they asked about minor & major projects about achievements and again switched back to electronics and C++ questions. They asked about Classes, Pointers, Inheritance, Polymorphism and between each question, there was electronics question, really puzzling of mind out of 2 interviewer on was asking C/C++ other electronics...i answered about 90% questns...and after 1hr 15min...intervie got over...i cam frndz said..that after this elimination round, i would be in TCS results were out, i cleared technical round.
    I got happy as i received call for HR and MR interviwer was about 35-37 year of age, aked about general HR question asked me that if i'm asked to make tea. I would  make it, i explained full procedure, he said i forgot to mix ginger in that,
    My HR last about 20 min, i was having butterflies in my stomach. I prayed god for my selection atleast after such a huge rejection of candidates.
    At last results were out i that "ginger" cost me, very much i lost my dream job, i was not selected only few of 80 students nearly 20 got selected, 20 out of 2000 see the rejection magnitude and i was stunned to notice that 90% of the selected student were from the college were open campus held, well over all this total placement drive was humbug.

    Well, all the best to all job seekers. Give your best shot and get selected. I wrote this to tell all of you that be ready to face this kind of situation, becouse sometimes it happens.

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