TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Hyderabad-7 Sep 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Hyderabad-7 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends this is Arjun. On Sept 7th i have attended the written test which was conducted by TCS, it is very easy to clear it. Just go through the previous papers listed in it will help you a lot.
    The paper consists of 35 questions which you have to complete it in 60 min. Around 10 to 15 question will come from the previous papers only. Be care full while attempting the questions because it comprises of negative scoring. To clear the test you have to attempt around 18 questions. Don't make any guesses because they are checking the accuracy.

    I have cleared the written test by attempting 20 questions those all are correct and i got a mail on 16th Sept to attend interview on 27th Sept.
    There will be three rounds in interviews to you
    1. Technical
    2. Managerial
    3. HR

    There were around 10 panels for the interview process, and i got 2nd panel and it will goes like this

    For me they conduct both TR and MR at a time

    ME: Excuse me sir.
    HR: Come in, take your seat.

    ME: Thank u sir.
    HR: Hello Mr. ARJUN at what time you reach here
    ME: Around 7:30am
    HR: Oh. Have your breakfast.
    ME: Yes sir.
    HR: Thats good.
    HR: Ok Arjun tell me some thing about your self.
    ME: Told (this is the gunshot question which you will face any where please prepare well about this one and You have to impress the interviewer with ur answer). I take around 3min to complete the question.

    HR: Ok thats good
    HR: Give me rating on a scale of 10 on your knowledge with the programing language
    ME: Around 5
    HR : With a different expression.
    ME: Sir, as im from electrical side we dont have much subjects on computers thats
    HR: Ok Mr. ARJUN you are telling that you are from electrical side why don't you go for that side
    ME: Sir, my dream is to become a software engineering in a well organised company thats why.
    HR: Ok thats good.
    HR: What is an array
    ME: Told
    HR: What is a structure
    ME: Told
    HR: Different between two of them
    ME: Told
    HR: How can you initialise an array
    ME: Told
    HR: Write an algorithm of any program
    ME: Written on a paper and explained him
    HR: Tell me some thing about software
    ME: Told
    HR: Tell me some thing about your extracurricular activities
    ME: Told
    HR: Will you go anywhere through out the world if we give job to you
    ME: Yes sir, i don;t have any restrictions
    HR: Ok Mr. Arjun thats about your interview please wait outside for a while we will declare your result
    ME: Ok sir, thank you and have a nice day.

    After 2 min He came outside the panel with a smiling face and said

    Ok Mr. Arjun we are giving a chance to you. Please wait in conference hall for the next round.

    HR round:
    HR: Hello Mr. Arjun take your seat.
    ME: Thank you mam
    HR: Tell me about your self which was not mentioned in your CV
    ME: Told (as i already told you this was a sure question in any interview)
    HR: Tell me about your weakness.
    ME: Told.
    HR: What is your goal
    ME: To become a partof success of a top MNC
    HR: What is a MNC
    ME: Having business dealings through out the world
    HR: Is TCS an MNC
    ME: Yes mam
    HR: Give me rating of your communication skills on a scale of 10
    ME: Around 6
    HR: But for a top MNC you have good skills na.
    ME: yes mam, i'm putting all my efforts to improve it and with in a short period i can overcme with this
    HR: Ok, Do you have any restrictions to go around?
    ME: No mam
    HR: Do you know about the bond period of TCS
    ME: Yes mam
    HR: Ok thats it we will send you a mail if you are selected
    ME: Ok mam thank you and have a good day.

    On Sept 27th i receive a mail from TCS confirming that i'm selected

    Tips to crack interview:

    1. Maintain eye contact with the interviewew with a pleasant smile on your face
    2. Be thorough with the company profile
    3. Be frank if you dont know the answer say "sorry sir"

    If you have any queries contact me on ""

    "All the best" guys hope the best and don't loose your hopes
    See you in TCS with in a short period 

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