TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G.L.Bajaj, Noida-26 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G.L.Bajaj, Noida-26 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I'm Pragya and I would say that its only 1 day which changes your life and it was 22nd August. I tried few companies before but got -ve result always so I was quite sure that i would get rejected again but since it was my day, I got my name in the list of selected candidates. Thanks to Almighty.

    I would like to share my interview experience with you.
    It is basically dependent on
    Technical Interview:

    Project work
    Basic C(You are safe if you are from non CS background)
    Any subject of your field

    After qualifying the written exam, result was declared same day and my interview was after 4 days. i.e.on 26th. I brushed up 'C' and few basic definitions from C++ like polymorphism, encapsulation, Abstraction etc.
    Because of being from Electronics background I knew that I should be good enough only in basics.

    The interview day was very hectic because of pool campus we waited for long time. The reporting time was 9a.m. But I got my turn around 1 pm in the 1st round, i.e. In technical there were 2 interviewer. As I entered in the room. They asked me whether I was nervous? I said yes sir, after that they offered me water, then there question started

    Tell me something about yourself which is not mentioned in your CV? then
    Why do you want to join TCS while you are already in Teaching(As I'm working as a lecturer in an N.I.T. they were quite impressed with this NIT tag)

    Then they asked me about my favorite subjects in electronics.(I told Digital, microprocessor and EDC)
    started asking question about the subjects(told all and explained well)

    Then they came on project n asked in details(I think they were good in Electronics) then came on 'C' questions were from Pointer, Array, Strings and all after that they asked the definition of null pointer, abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism.
    The interview was for 30 mins. I was quite sure about this round.

    HR round:

    Since there were many candidates so they were calling few for HR and few for MR.
    I was called for HR.

    The 1st question was about why do you have gap in your studies?
    I was fed up by this question since this is the question because of which I could not make to sm big companies. As I was told before that don't tell that you were preparing but this time I told the truth that I prepared for JEE but could not get selected in that.
    Then HR asked that why were you not selected even you missed 1year? again I replied. Then she asked my weakness. I said that i'm not good in prioritizing the things thats why I have started working over it and this was 1 reason because of which i was not selected in JEE.

    Next question was "You were not selected on campus?" Then she asked that are you ready to relocate? I said anywhere in the world. Again she asked sm questions which I felt that were in negative sense only then she asked to ask something. I asked that what preparation is required before joining TCS she replied that enjoy these days as we learn you everything there.
    I was not happy with this round.


    I waited so long for my name to be called out for MR round but @7pm they called few names and said " these students may leave and they don't have any other round today. The result will come on there mail id" I was quite upset and thought that i'm rejected thats why i couldn't qualify for next round.

    After few days an email came and my find read this and told that you have got selected for TATA Consultancy Services. That was one of the best day for me and I know that best day will come in very 1's life
    All the best to you too.

    The written test was very easy and depends on your analytical skills. Be confident and be true. Because HR can judge you better than you can think. Answer properly don't beat about the bush.

    God Bless.

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