TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G.L.Bajaj, Greater Nodia-23 Oct 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G.L.Bajaj, Greater Nodia-23 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    I went to G.L Bajaj institute of Tech & management, greater Noida for the TCS recruitment Drive and trust me it was a day full of tiredness and boredom. I reached the test location around 1 PM in the afternoon as it was my stipulated reporting time and it was mentioned on my hall ticket. Hall tickets are must for each & every TCS drive wherever it takes place. You need to carry atleast two copies of that along with your other related documents.
    When i reached i found there is already a line of more than 100 students waiting at the college gate just to get into the college. I also admitted myself to the long wait. During this i came to know that TCS has actually called a whooping number of 4000 candidates today for the written test. People were talking to their friends from previous batch who were there inside the college waiting either for their test or to get the result. Some how after a standing punishment in the scotching heat of around 1.5 hours around 360 students were allowed to get entered into the college. I was one of them.

    But I was not ready for the stuff that was processed after that. From the students of the GLBITM who were managing all the activities inside the college at all levels, we came to know the exact procedure of the
    Written test:
    First you will be asked to stand in a line (again) for the first level verification of your documents. Although it juz tuk hardly 2-3 minutes since the examiner was just checking the hall ticket and hence putting a number on one of the hall ticket. Although that number was not used anywhere.
    Two Batches of candidates were already waiting for their test in the classrooms on fourth floor which was supposed to be the waitng floor. Students were giving their test in two dedicated computer labs. This was all the story we came to know from the students managing the drive.
    We were forced to wait again for around 2 hours and after that we were called for the registration slip. please try to get this slip as soon as possible. No matter how they call you. Just try to get this slip as soon as possible because the teachers of the college who were generating the reg slip were very slow in their work and above that they were carrying a fixed amount of register slip with them. Make sure that you get the same colored reg slip as your batch has got. Reg slip was their in three colors. Pink, Blue/Green and yellow. The teachers were issuing the register slip batch by batch. So if you failed to get the fixed colored reg slip it means that you will be shifted to next batch that ultimately means another wait of 2 hours. There were 10-12 students including me who were victims of the mismanagement of the college.
    After that you will be asked to get back into the same room from which you have came to join your batch respectively. Here you will be asked to wait till the candidates waiting for their test on the fourth floor in various rooms are allowed to go into their respective computer labs for the test. These details will be there on your reg slip. After yet another waitof 3 hours we were advanced to the waiting floor thats the fourth floor. By this time the frustration will start overruling your spirit of giving the so called written test of TCS. But story doesnt ends here. Now you will be asked to wait and the students who were waiting before your respective batch will be shifted to another room meaning that it will be their turn now to proceed to their respective test labs. This wait again killed 2-3 hours of ours and led us to misery and boredom.

    7.30 Pm in the night was the time it took to get into our respective computer labs. The test was simple. 35 questions were there and negative marking was also there. Just be fast in choosing the questions. There will be questions in which a lot of irrelevant data will be there. So it's my personal advice read the questions from the last. That really helped me in attempting 22 questions out of 35. Since it was already late we were told that our results will be mailed to our respective mail ID.

    If you are going with your friends then it might not look that much exhaustible but if you are not then please find some among your batch mates. That would really help in great deal.

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