TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G.L Bajaj Institute Of Management And Technology-21 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G.L Bajaj Institute Of Management And Technology-21 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Everybody,

    In all, there are 4 rounds and each round is an elimination round.
    1) Written Test
    2) Technical interview
    3) Managerial Interview
    4) HR
    1) The Written test is an online test  in which:
    1) 35 questions.
    2) 60 minutes.
    3) +1 each correct answers.
    4) -0.33 each wrong answers.
    5) No verbal questions, no comprehensions.
    6) Easy questions based on series, age, permutation & combinations, simple numerical solving ability question speed & distance, problems on trains, average, etc
    1) Related to some bear problem, in which loads of diversion of mind is done but final questions is what is the colour of the bear.
    Ans: is white
    2) Related to age sum/average of ages of 5 people is given & a 6th person joins in & then sum/average of 6 ppl are given, find the age of 6th new person.  
    3) Related to direction & distance: a person is travelling in so and so direction, eg: 5km North then 5km East then 10km North then so and so. Find the distance between original & final positions.
    4) Permutaion relational question: A case is given, choose which permutation formula satisfies it best.
    5) Ratio of ages of 2 people are given, some year back or ago & their relation/sum etc is given. Find their present ages' ratio
    6) A jumbled word is given & you have to select the category it belongs to ARPAEETK
    Ans: PARAKEET -Its a bird
    7) Related to A pony & some horse running away from stable. Horse cought the refer after few hours say 4hours. Speed of horse is 35kmph and he left stable 3 hours after pony left stable then what is speed of pony?
    Ans:  pony ran for total 7 hours same distance covered by horse in 4hrs with 35 kmph. Thus distance of horse 35X4 & speed of pony 35X4/7
    8) Mumbai building dept decide to give numbers to building. 1-30 numbers were given to industrial buildings. 1-100 were given to restaurant buildings. Find how many number of 2's (or 6's or 3's) were used while numbering restaurant buildings.
    9) Some expression can be given to be solved: Use calci to solve it
    10) A toy train can make 10 sounds sound changes after every 4 min train is defective and can make only 2 sounds. Find probability that same sound is repeated 3 (or 8 etc )times consecutively.
    11) There are 3 grandsons age different between 2 of grandsons is A (say 3 or 2 etc) years 1st grandson is twice elder than younger one & sum of ages of all the three is B (say 8 or 5 etc) years then what is age of eldest grandson.
    12) A very long question but in the end.  If Mohan's Ferrari is 3 times faster than his old MERCEDES wich gave him 35 kmph if Mohan travelled 490 km in his ferrari the how much time(hours) he took?
    13) Related to finding out the present day: say if A event is on Mon tues thurs B on sunday sat etc.
    14) The cost 1 plum is 1 cent ,2 apples is 1 cent,3 banana is 1 cent,  if A buys same amount of fruits for his 3 sons spending 7 cent den what amount of fruit each child will get?
    Ans: 1 Plum ,2 Apple,1 Banana
    15) 2880 is divided by which smallest no. so we get no. which is perfect square?
    Ans: 5
    some more question i don't have remember.

    Important points:
    1) Calculator is allowed
    2) Questions are lengthy unneccessarily, but are easy so do the short questions first & in lengthy questions, analyse a little bit, be smart. Generally the answers can be taken out from last part of the questions.
    3) Although test is online, you can switch between the questions easily & change your answers as well, before you actually click on submit.
    4) R.S. Aggarwal is enough for written test.
    2) Technical Interview
    Questions are based upon
    1) project.
    2) Any strong language.
    3) Resume especially the technical skills written in your resume.
    4) 3 Favourite subject.

    In my case they told me to give 3 subject name 
    I gave then RDBMS, C++, Software Engg. My interviewer was impresed with me as i gave RDBMS as my first choice then he asked me about 10 to 15 question form DBMS as about joins, normalization, integrity, acid property etc all were simple and basic.

    After asking question he asked me about my home towns etc and then i left the room. After 20 mins one person came and took me for MR round. I MR round he asked me abt myself why TCS. Sell your self in 1 min give your self point out of ten in Java. I gave 8. He asked me are you confident  i said yes sir mainly he was checking my confdence and he asked one question from Java  which i answered then he gave me a situation that two of my best friend is not doing their work and give it to me then will i complain or not. It was atriky question which i answered very well and after that at last he asked me who is the CEO of TCS. "Frankly i was not knowing that answer but very confidently i answered" " Sir i don't know full name but his name is Mr. Srinivasan" 
    I was knowing that i was wrong the he asked me are you sure very confidently i said yes sir. I think my confidence impresed him. then he told me Rajeev if you are right then you will get your result and if  you are wong even though you will get your result and i came out after 30 min result announced and i got selected 4 last round which was HR round

    In HR round they mainly asked me about my family back ground, introduce your self, why TCS, your strength and weakness etc and at last i came out. then one HR came and told me that i will be mail my result after 10 days i got a call from TCS office they asked me about my year break and family background i on know why but at last they told me that i will be mail my result after 10 to 15 day. I was quit nervious but at last on 22nd of September i got a mail about my selection anf my offer letter also

    It amazing na i got deselected in TCS atlast.
    I hope you will fing this help full prepare well and wish me luck for my joining.

    See you all in my dream company TCS.

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