TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   GITAM University, Vizag-5 Sep 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   GITAM University, Vizag-5 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I attended TCS recruitment drive in GITAM University on September 5th. The online test consists of 35 questions including aptitude and reasoning. Time allotted for test is 60 mins.

    Please remember one thing each questions is of length around 6 lines. Do not waste your time by studying unnecessary sentences. Keep your concentration on numerical values in question. They are really very basic questions and very easy. I answered 27 out of 35. I received my call letter for interview on 6th. The interview was held at Vardhamann engg college Hyderabad.

    Again remember that don't try to bluff the interviewer. If you don't have touch with Programming tell openly to interviewer. That's what i have done. But the interviewer sent me to HR. (Basically  I am from mechanical).

    The first Interview was Technical+Managerial round

    There were 2 men sitting in room.

    Me: Good morning Sir.
    person no1: Okay Mr.sandeep tell me about yourself.

    Me: Said
    Person 2: Do you know any programming language.

    Me: Yes sir but i completely forgot about it.But I have prepared C.
    no1: Okay what do you know about softwares.

    Me: My hobby is Collecting Operating System.
    no2: Oh! okay tell me about latest Operating sytem.
    Me: Said about Ubuntu.

    No1: You are trying to get job by staying in your hometown only. Then how can you get job?

    Me: Sir I am much confident that I will get a job. That?s why I came here for interview.
    No2: Okay. Do you know any softwares?
    Me: Yes sir. I am good in CAD packages.

    No2: Okay do you have any place restrictions ?

    Me: No sir I can work anywhere.
    No1: Okay sandeep you go to next block. There you can face HR.
    Me: Thank you sir.
    The next round is HR.
    The HR who interviewed me was Madam.

    Me: Good morning Madam.

    HR: Good morning take your seat.
    Me: Thank you.
    HR: Okay Mr sandeep tell me about your Project.

    Me: Said.

    HR: Okay sandeep (while watching my resume) your HSC percentage is  more but your percentage in B.Tech is very less (90 &67).

    Me: I explained the diff between HSC and B.Tech.
    HR: So you are from mechanical. But you want to join in our company. How can you survive as software       
    Me: Explained in my own way.
    HR: Okay! What is your aim.
    Me: Madam I want to create new operating system. I will distribute it for free.

    HR: (with a lot of surprise) You don?t know atleast basics of programmes but how can you create it ?

    Me: (with lot of confidence) madam how can BilGates invented Windows with his team.that?s his confidence. I am confident that I can do it.
    HR: Okay then what will you for it?
    Me: I explained it in my own way.

    HR: Okay do have sibblings ?

    Me: I said about my brother.
    HR: Okay do you know about bond with tcs?
    Me: Yes madam.

    HR: We will send your information to check your percentage. Is it okay?

    Me: Yes madam.

    HR: Can you work anywhere?

    Me: Yes madam.

    HR: Is westbengal okay for you ?
    Me: Okay madam.
    HR: Okay results will be given in one week?

    Me: Thak you madam. nice to meet you.

    HR: Me too.  

    The HR round was around 30 to 40 min. 

    After 10 days I got mail from TCS that I was selected.

    Okay Friends thanks for being patiently read this one. Be Confident you can easily break TCS interview. Meet you in TCS. If you have any doubt you can ask me to

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