TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   GITAM University, Visakhapatnam-1 Dec 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   GITAM University, Visakhapatnam-1 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    TCS campus in GITAM University  1 st December, 2010.
    All the students who have above 75% throughout their career are exempted from written test. Around 525 students fall in this category. All the branches of B.Tech,, and Mca were allowed. This time they allowed students with above 60% (plus two backlogs) for attending the written test. So first round is written test. Second round consists of technical and managerial interviews. Finally HR interviews.

    We had a ppt by TCS on 29th.They showed some achievements and awards of TATA groups and TCS.They announced the recruitment processing. We were given TCS application forms on the next day. Filled forms are to be submitted along with our resumes and certificate photo-copies by 01-12-10 evening.

    All the students having written test had some pre talk on 1st at 9:00 a.m. Tests are conducted in our computer labs in two slots. The question paper contains 35 questions (aptitude) with one hour time. The results were displayed by 5:00 p.m. 250 were short listed for second round. Total around 750 students are eligible for second round.

    Students without written test  were asked to report in college for second round on 2-12-10 at 8:30 a.m. and at 1:00 p.m. for those who were short listed from written test. But the sessions started at around 11:00.30 panels were arranged for conducting technical and MR round. Interviewer of my panel took around 40 minutes for each interview. I got my chance after lunch break at around 3:00.

    Me: Good afternoon sir.
    Interviewer: Good afternoon dinesh (he signed with his hand to sit)
    Me: Thank you
    Interviewer: Tell about ur self
    Me: I completed my introduction
    Interviewer: What are ur favorite subjects?
    Me: Data structures and Operating systems.
    Interviewer: Do you C, C++, Java
    Me: I know Java but I am good at C and C++ sir
    Interviewer: What is pointer?
    Me: It s used to store the address of an identifier/variable
    Interviewer : What are its advantages?
    Me: Said some answer, not sure about its correctness
    Interviewer : Is there any difference between pointers in C and pointers in C++?
    Me: No significant difference sir.. but there are no pointers in Java
    Interviewer : What is over loading? Explain me with a program.

    Me: I wrote some C++ code for function overloading and explained him (Mean while he wrote some thing in his evaluation script)

    Interviewer : What is overriding?
    Me: Redifining the function of base class in the derived class is called overdiding
    Interviewer: If I created a base class object using derived class like
    Base  b=new Derv();
    Calling a function using this object b will invoke which class function?
    Me: It will invoke the base class function sir (Im not sure of this answer).Since every base class object is subset of derived class objects but not vice-versa.
    Interviewer:My base class function has a variable which I overrided in derived class.Using the object b , I printed the value of variable. Now which value is printed?
    Me: I said, the overrided value in derived class  will get printed sir
    Interviewer: So you mean base class function and derived class variable value?
    Me: Yes sir. If you call function, base class function will invoke. If you use variable, overridden value will get printed.
    Interviewer: What will we do in software industry?
    Me: We approach our clients for projects.We will then write the requirements and proceed with coding etc..
    Interviewer: What is SDLC?
    Me: Software Development Life Cycle.
    Interviewer: What are the stages in it?
    Me: Requirement analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation, Refining the software.
    Interviewer: What is Water fall model?
    Me: The steps are performed sequentially one after other.There is no backpropagation at any step.It works good if all the requirements are well defined completely.
    Interviewer: He asked about some new model.I didn?t hear its name before?
    Me: I don?t know sir
    Interviewer: Don?t u  find that model any where before?I think Its in ur text books.
    Me: No sir, I didn?t hear it before
    Interviewer: K.What is sftp?
    Me: Secure file transfer protocol (I just gave a hit, I don?t know the answer)
    Interviewer: Do you know its port number?
    Me: No sir.
    Interviewer: What is port number of ftp?
    Me: (Actually I didn?t remember the number) Its around 25 sir.
    Interviewer: No
    Me: 30
    Interviewer: No
    Me: Around 80
    Interviewer: no hat is difference between FTP and HTTP?
    Me: File transfer protocol used for moving of files and Hyper text transfer protocol used for web requests in internet.
    Interviewer: TCS has branches in far and remote places of North India also.Will u join there?
    Me: Ya no problem sir
    Interviewer: Given a choice, where would u choose for placement?
    Me: I don?t have any geometrical constraints. But if more priority is given for my choice, I would choose any where in south India.
    Interviewer:You joined in Tcs and Doing a project under me.Suppose you got to know that other project with latest technology will be started. My project uses an old technologies. Will you quit from my team and join there?
    Me: No sir I will try to complete my part quickly and then move to the new project.

    Interviewer: If  my project demands you to be with me for an year?
    Me: I will continue in your team only sir.
    Interviewer: Why will you stick with me. Don?t you try to learn new technologies?
    Me: Its not like that sir. You took me in your team believing that I will be with you till the end. I can?t spoil your faith in me.
    Interviewer: Tcs has night shifts also. Are you ready to do in night shifts?
    Me: I will sir. But if it is for a long time continuously, my health may get effected, that may disturb the teams work.
    Interviewer: No you will have alternating shifts, then?
    Me: In that case, I have no problem
    Interviewer: (He started looking at my resume) Tell me about this project (He pointed to my academic project in resume)
    Me: I said some points about it.
    Interviewer: Ok dinesh. My job is done.Do you have anything to ask me?
    Me: I want to know about the new model that you asked me now.
    Interviewer: Learn by urself.Ant thing more?

    Me: No more. Thank you sir.

    Through out my interview He doesn?t carry any sort of expression on his face. I sat in waiting room with my friends for HR round. All others are being called, but me. I am just moving around the HR panels and gathering the questions from my friends. Asking answers and preparing to face the HR round. Waited for  a long time at last got my call for HR at around 7:15 p.m. I went near the HR panel and was waiting for my chance. ?Next is you, don?t worry your interviewer is good, you will do well?, said my sir. Its me now

    Me: May I come in mam (opening the door slowly).
    Interviewer: (She swayed her head)

    Me: Good evening mam.
    Interviewer: Have your seat

    Me: Thank you mam (I sat )
    Interviewer: (seeing my resume) Introduce urself

    Me: I introduced myself
    Interviewer: Why TCS?

    Me: I have learnt many good things about TCS from my seniors. Its training is more innovative and good. It has many awards like ?Golden Peacock National Traning Award in 2006 ?, ?National award for innovative learning practices? etc. Even it has many achievements like ?First One to launch R&D in India?, ?Indias largest ISP? and many more that I saw in its site. So I am passionate about TCS.

    Interviewer: Tell me your hobbies.
    Me: Drawing, Cooking, Meditation

    Interviewer: Are you ready to relocate?
    Me: Yes mam. I can. Since six years I am out of my house

    Interviewer: But thats within the state. Now you need to move out of state. Will your parents agree for it?Me: They will agree mam. I have no problem.

    Interviewer: Do you know about TCS agreement? You need to work for minimum of two years. If you quit in middle you will have a minimum fine of 50,000.
    Me: I am ready mam

    Interviewer: Any questions?
    Me: Any suggestions from your side mam

    Interviewer: Refresh your technical skills if you have time before joining TCS.
    Me: Sure mam. Thank you.

    Its over for that day. The sessions continued till 9:00 p.m. Even the next day HR rounds are conducted till 5:00 p.m. Results were announced at 7:00 p.m. Total 552 were selected. Offer letters were sent to our mails within 24 hours.

    All the very best!

    CH.V. Naga Dinesh

    IT, GITAM University.


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