TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Gayatri Vidyaparishad College, Visakhapatnam-4 Dec 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Gayatri Vidyaparishad College, Visakhapatnam-4 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    This is SK. Feroze Durani, studying MCA final year. I am presenting my interview experience with TCS. TCS visited our campus. This year TCS offered that there is no written test for the students who are having above 75 percent throughout the academics. So friends I have no written exam. So I?m presenting my total interview experience. I attended for three rounds TR, MR and HR.
    Actually on December 3, 4 and 5 placement drive happened. On December 3rd we have written exam. So I don?t have written exam. So I qualified for next round that is Technical Round.
    On December 4th I attended for technical interview. Actually I went to college at 8.00 am. But Technical interview happened for me at 8.00 pm.
    All questions are based upon programming languages C, C++ and Java.

    Me: May I come in sir.

    TR: Yes come in

    Me: I said thank you sir
    TR: Please be seated

    Me: I said thanku and sat

    TR: What is your icet rank

    Me: I said 4051
    TR: Tell me about yourself

    Me: I said with confident and smile

    TR: Wat programming languages you like

    Me: I said C and C++
    TR: good tell about the different between Cand C++

    Me: I said 6 main different

    TR: Do you know Java

    Me: Yes sir now i am learning Java sir
    TR: Ok what is the difference between string and string buffer

    Me: I said the major difference. These two are classes.

    TR: Are you good at programming?

    Me:Yes sir, I'm good at programming
    TR: Ok write about leap year program

    Me: I wrote

    TR: Ok good write the program for inserting and deleting the elements into the stack using pointers

    Me: I wrote
    TR: good. U know dbms

    Me: Thank you sir and I said I know sir

    TR: Ok write the query for updating the column using joins on two tables

    Me: I wrote. But It is wrong.
    TR: ok good your profile is good and technically good and you can leave

    Me: I said thanku very much sir and said it is pleasure to meet u sir and I walked out.
    It is half an hour interview for me. He just concentrated on my skills that means whether I perfectly expressing or not.

    Friends be confident with your answer whatever it is and reply it with a smile.
    Next results were announced. I?m happy that I was qualified for next round i.e MR

    On December 5th I attended for MR on 10.30 am in the morning.

    MR: What is your name?
    Me: I said with smile

    MR: Ok take your seat

    Me: I said thank you sir

    MR: Tell me about yourself?
    Me: I said with confident and smile

    MR: Very good. Your from small historical town? (I mentioned that I came from a small historical town)

    Me: Yes sir and I told about my place

    MR: Ok well what you want to do?
    Me : I said I want to be a good employee in software field

    MR: What you know about TCS

    Me: I said some strong points about TCS. He was well satisfied with my answer

    MR: Why TCS only?
    Me: I said that TCS is largest provider in Asia. It is employee friendly and moreover I?m looking for long term career development. It is possible in TCS because now the CEO of N. CHANDRASEKHARAN started his career as a software trainee in TCS.

    MR: Very good young man

    Me: I said thank you (I think he was very satisfied with my answer)

    MR: Ok feroze, what software products do you know developed by TCS
    Me: I said about rajiv arogyasri project

    MR: Ok good do you have any questions

    Me: I said NO sir, thank you.

    MR: He said that you will promoted for HR. be prepare for that
    Me: Thank you very much sir

    Generally I feared a lot before entering into the room but I felt very comfortable after my introduction. So be prepared for ?tell me about yourself?. It will increase your confidence. Smile is very important. He didn?t asked me about project because he only concentrated on my communication skills only. But one thing friends be sure about your project with coding.
    Results were announced. I promoted for HR. Actually I attended for MR in the morning at 10.30 am and waited for HR a long time. It was happened for me at 8.00 PM.

    HR: You are Feroze?

    Me: I said yes mam

    HR: Ok take your seat shaik (my full name is shaik feroze durani)
    Me: I said thank you very much mam

    HR: Do you feel any nervous?

    Me:  (she asked me that question because of I waited 8 hours for HR after MR )

    I said no and not at all. Because I?m waiting for my career mam

    HR: Very good. I?m very satisfied with your answer Feroze

    Me: Thank you mam
    HR: OK tell me about your family

    Me: I said with smile

    HR: What are your hobbies?

    Me: I said cooking and explained with smile
    HR: Who is intelligent among your family.

    Me: I said that my dad always says that I?m the intelligent among my family mam. I answered with smile. She was very satisfied

    HR: Why you didn?t joined in B.Tech?

    Me: I said the perfect reason that is at that time my brother was doing higher degree mam so my father not in a position to me to join in B.Tech parallel. So because of my family financial problems I didn?t.
    HR: Ok tell me about politics?

    Me: I said about politics what I know

    HR: Very good Mr. Shaik. Do you have any questions?

    Me: Yes mam. May I know how TRDDC(Tata research development and design center) will helpful for TCS software products?

    HR: She explained me.

    Me: Thank you very much mam
    HR: Any other questions?

    Me: I said thanku and no mam.

    HR: do you have any geographical constraints?

    Me:   I said no mam, I will work anywhere for TCS mam.
    HR: Ok you can leave

    Me: I said thank you and walked out with smile
    Successfully I completed all rounds. I felt very happy. Results were announced in the mid night exactly. I heard my name in the short list exactly at 12.04 am on December 6th. At that time there is no limit for happiness. Finally I was selected for TCS. I?m very happy.
    Friends be confident about what you are saying and reply with smile. 
    All the best Guys!

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