TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G L Bajaj + TCS-23 Oct 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G L Bajaj + TCS-23 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi all,

    My name is Mayank Jain. Completed BE from Apeejay college of Engg, Sohna in 2009. On 23th Oct, 2010 got a chance to participate in TCS recruitment drive.

    Directly coming to the main point, TCS drive had 4 rounds, namely

    1) Written
    2) Tech. Interview
    3)  M.R.
    4)  H.R.

    Written was on 23rd Oct i.e. Saturday in greater Noida . Written consists of simple maths questions. Not exactly maths, similar to mental mathematics. They have some logic behind them, just try to remain calm and find out the logic. Don't forget TCS has negative marking too, and their cut-off is very high. There will be 35 questions, to be completed in 60 minutes.
    For example.
    Questions: If we cut 1m from a 20m wire it takes 1 sec, How much time for 20 such pieces?
    Ans: 19sec

    Questions: A wire forms a triangle with sides 2,3 & 3. If we make a square with this wire, what will be the area?
    Ans: [(2+3+3)/4]^2

    They told the result in 30 minutes, I was selected and they asked me to come next day for other rounds in their Gurgaon office.

    2) On 24th, they started with their ppt, following which they started Technical Interview. Hair cut doesn't matter, but you should be well dressed. Be confident and consistently look in to the eyes of the interviewer with a smile on your face. Do switch off your mobile before entering the room, as we all have an attitude problem "Why should we, we can manage". My mobile was on vibrate mode, but still I got a call, and sound of vibration was audible, thank God, my interviewers were kuul, may not be in your case.


    * Introduction, will focus on your hobbies, will ask in detail.
    * Strength, just cram 1 strength in detail, Why, How & When it helped you.
    * Weakness, such weakness which should not look like your weakness, but a strength type of thing. I said  "I am carried away by a person, if someone requests me for something, I try to help him/her to the best of mine"
    * Favorite subject, I said Networking questions asked - OSI layer, examples of each layer, TCP/IP layer, What is hub etc etc.
    * Few more were there but not technical, unable to recall.
    I cleared this round too.

    3) After that I had my Managerial round i.e. MR. It was just to check your confidence, whether you are willing to relocate or not, your complete family background. etc etc.

    I cleared MR too.

    4) Last round was HR. It was mainly a formality type of thing, but please don't take it too easy. It included Introduction, ready to relocate or not, Why TCS, HR will tell you the package, bond & other things.

    I was asked to leave on that day.

    On 27th Oct, I got the offer letter. That was all about it, if still you have any queries please feel free to ask me. My e-mail id is " "

    All the best. Have Fun!


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