TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G L Bajaj Noida-23 Oct 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G L Bajaj Noida-23 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    1. Cloth 139 m much long and divide it into 139 parts and each it took 3 sec to make a division. How much time would be required? (repeated)

    2. There are n numbers numbered in a page 1- 16.  Each of n statements said something that most of n lies? Tell hoe many of them are lieing?(repeated)

    3. If he walks 4 kmph in up journey and 5 kmph in down journey of 200 m what is average speed?

    4. There are a lot of cows, each is offerd some milk, later they tell each was offered same amt milk, Duggu ate 1/3rd of milk offered and Gugga ate 4 litres more than 1/6 th of the milk offered, then the amount of milk they Left is same.

    5. 20 men and 20 women danced in a room. what are the chances of dancing of one men with 2 women.

    6. Perfumes arranged lemon with mint lemon with orange etc etc

    7. Some wales are mammals some animals are carnivorous very tricky

    8. A vendor sells a bicycle  and john gave him a cheque what is the loss of the vendor

    9. He bought a cycle at 10 sold at 20 again bought at 28 and sold at 37 what is total profit

    10. A question on Mass = Volume/Density ( Be certain on units)

    11. If a can do 66 in a minute and B can do the same in 1 and half minute, how much time both take to do 440?

    12. Kamla is elder than vimla, shimla is elder than jhimla and such non sense?

    13. Find the distance between the intercepts of x and z 3x +4Y-5Z=54

    14. A family has 12 childrens, youngest is a boy. find the probability that all 11 are boys.

    15. Ramesh bought some colours of balls to his wife 24 red, 35 yelow, 17 green, 19 oranges, find the chances of getting a pair of red balls from the bag.

    16. There are 1p to 127 p denominations are available. What is the minimum no. of change on eshould keep so that he should be able to pay any amount upto 127p

    The next Day was the interview. There where Three Rounds of Interview.
    Every Round was the Knockout round. You may get disquallified at any of the round.

    1. First was The Technical/Hr/ and Stress Round (All mix) none of was sure that what interview was that.
    They asked wireless networks, gaming, operating system, sonfiguration of a pc, software C, C++, what not.
    Then i was few fellows were asked to wait. few were asked to leave.

    2. THis round was frightful for me because this was managerial round. A Manager himself took my interview
    he said me that your percentage is not good enough and blah blah. I continously persuaded him that i'm improving on my skills. A lot of people were asked to leave after the 2nd round so be aware. Third round was like happy go lucky type. The Beautiful HR took the interview. I was staring at her and she literally asked me are you staring at me?

    But no problem i told her the truth. I said Yes. (And said sorry too)
    She asked about TCS and my background and the 2 years Bond and the package offered etc etc.

    After 3 days when i got home. I saw an email Carrying my Offer letter.
    Happy happy happy!

    This is my first interview my first walkin and My First Job! 

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