TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G L Bajaj Institute Of Management And Technology-26 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   G L Bajaj Institute Of Management And Technology-26 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    TCS written call was the sole call which i got for appearing in any recruitment test during my whole enginnering and after i graduated in 2010, before this due to my lousy %age (62%) i never even got a call from any MNC to attend their test. But i guess my day came.

    My aptitude test was on 22nd Aug, as i was very familiar with the test pattern so it pose no problem to me in doing the questions, the key is to quickly read the last few lines and deduce that if reading the whole question is required or not.

    Some of the questions were wrong also, thats what i felt. I attempted 21 questions and i was very sure that they all would be correct.

    As expected i cleared the aptitude test, the result was declared within 1 hour. All the selected students were asked to leave for the day and report on 26th August at 12 noon on the same venue.

    I reached the college at 11:30 and then after filling some forms my turn for technical interview came at 4pm. The pannel i got was quite a chill guy. Lets call him Technical Round(TR).

    Me: Good afternoon Sir!
    TR: Godd Afternoon, please sit down.
    Me: Thank you Sir
    TR: So prashant you are a Tewari with "E" instead of "I"
    Me: (smiling..) Yes, sir
    TR: Tell me abt yourself
    Me: blah..blah.blah...
    TR: so u are doing software Testing course(mentioned in resume)
    Me: Yes Sir, i am almost finished with it.

    (THen he asked me the details about the course ,its fees, duration etc.)

    TR: so u know C and Python(as i had mentioned it in my resume)

    Me: Yes sir i do know, but i am not proficient in programming languages.

    TR: Ok, so tell me What is black box testing?

    Me: blah..

    TR: How is white box Testing is diffrent from Black box testing?

    Me: (tld him abt every detail.)

    TR: Have you done anytype of testing?

    Me: Yes sir, box testing....i am doing free lancing( told some of my software testing projects)

    TR: Who make the test cases?

    Me: Sir.... Tester himself.

    TR: What are Test cases?

    Me: blah..(he asked some more questions on testing but i didnt remember)

    TR: When you find any bug what do you do ...i mean what does your report include?

    Me: (explained in detail as i was very comfortable in software testing)

    TR: Good!!( he looked impressed) :)

    TR: Do you know anything about DB languages like Oracle etc.?

    Me: No sir i have no idea at all!!( although i knew a little bit ...but i preferred to keep quiet)

    TR: Dont you think doing testing without knowing any language....will become difficult?

    Me: Sir, i absolutely agree with you and i am looking forward to learn these languages after my course finishes next week.

    TR: Good!!

    Me: Thank you sir( i was jumping in inside with joy)

    TR: I think you are  good ....prashant.... thats it for this round... u may leave now.

    Me: Thank you sir.

    I was very happy with my performance and was very sure to get a call for the next round that was MR.

    My name was announced for the MR at 5:30 and i was asked to wait for some time.

    After a long wait i again got called for the MR at around 10 pm. My MR round was a mix of Technical, MR, and HR questions. He asked a lot of questions ranging from software testing to my favourate topic( Data communication), then related to my project, about my hobbies. viz.
    What are different. types of testing?
    What is black box testing?
    What is a router?
    Difference between switch and router?
    Reading is your hobby...then which book are u reading nowadays?
    What this book is all about and whats your opinion?
    Which book u read last time, completely?
    What do u do to update yourself in technical advancements?

    and a lot of more questions.... my interview stretched to around 25 mins.

    I answered all the questions confidently except a single question on flash card in a i humbly said that i dnt have much idea abt internal parts of a router.

    He was looking impressed lets say him MR.

    MR: Prashant it was very nice talking to u ...any questions?

    Me: yes sir, i want to know that promotions in TCS in based upon experience or performance

    MR: (explained upto 3 mins)

    Me: Sir any suggestions for me to improve myself?

    MR: Nothing special...just keep learning the way you are learning is good.

    Me: Thank you Sir.(...and then i left)

    My Technical and MR rounds were just near to perfect not a single wrong answer.... i was surprised at the luck i was having on that day. After MR i was sure that i they(TCS) gonna select me, so i felt very relaxed.

    A huge elimination was done like before, after the MR round.

    Luckily i was called for the HR interviw after some time.....HR Interview was total formality he just explained me abt the bond and uncertainity of posting etc.Then he told me that i will get my result within 7 days.

     After it i took a deep breath and relax... i knew that i have converted my call and my time has started. I reached home that night at 1:30 am it was worth waiting and exhausting myself.

    On 30th at 7:30 in the evening as i opened my laptop and signed in my gtalk account email popped out it was from TCS... i read the 2nd line it was written ....


    And rest as they say was history!!

    All The Best Guys! Do your best and forget the rest!!








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