TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Engineering College, Kota-17 Aug 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Engineering College, Kota-17 Aug 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Friends ,I have been selected in an on campus interview in TCS

    Here is my experience & suggestions.



    Pattern was as usual ,the key is how u handle the Online Test, as everything occurs so quickly that u hardly have any time to think in front of PC.

    So be aware of time limitation of each section and prepare each section eqally.


    Go through the GRE high freq.,Antonym Exercise and Model test paper of any of 11,12or 13 edition

    Now the big task is to arrange these antique editions.



    For the quant go tru the old papers just know the methods to solve each question .

    They change the numerical values only.


    Reasoning :


    Go tru the 11.12 or 13 edition barron all model papers

    Basically the TCS question sets are prepared from 12th edition Barrons

    So do as much as possible from it ,ifffffffffffffffff

    U can get it

    Even I was unable to arrange it.


    Tech interv:

    Be cool & confident ,in whatever u have read during ur degree.

    Say a humble no to any question for which u don?t have any idea.

    Be ready  for questions from any topic u have read.

    To me:

    They straight away asked about Flip flops diagram using gates , I replied that sir I know the application of FF as I read it it my 3rd sem and not becoming able to recall it right now ,

    He: have u read MP(going tru my document folder)

    Me: Yes Sir(very confidently  as   have very well prepared it.

    He :diff b/w 8085&8086

    Me : I told him 5 differences ( I could see  shine on his face and knew that I have hit a sixer on full toss)

    He :Tell me NMI interrupts

    Me: Explained in sound and very illustrative and understanding way that he was fully impressed.

    He : write mnemonics to subtract  2 nos

    Me : Written with great easethen heis cell rang and he went outside to attend the  call  then the other man who was dormant till than became active and asked me a puzzle ,I was a bit surprise at it but a little effort solved the puzzle.

    Then the first interviewer came back and

    He:have u read C++

    Me : Yes ,but right now I ma having the basic idea.

    He: but u might have prepared it for ur exams ,so u might have an wide idea of it

    Me : Sir , I read it in my 4th Sem ,and it is not in touch of EC people a lot in due course?


    He : what is cin & cout and their uses

    Me : explained .

    He Some more questions on Encapsulation and polymorphism etc

    Me : Explained with a cool smile & confidence

    He: u may go now

    Me : thank u ,thanks a lot sir

    Have a nice day sir



    Hr intv:


    She: why don?t u want to join ur fathers business

    Me : explained

    She : What is ur career objective

    She : what will u do if there is a bomb Hoax in a  tcs building u r working

    Things like this only :  



    Be cool and clear and firm to ur ideas .support ur views by examples.

    Use sinmple and decent English

    Feel free to say sorry(pardon) if u do not understand the Qs in first time


    All the best....Yatindra

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