TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Brecw, Hyderabad -13 Dec 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Brecw, Hyderabad -13 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I am Swetha from Bhoj Reddy Engineering College Hyderabad. TCS came to our college on 14 December, 2010. They conducted selection process as below.

    1. Touchtone test (aptitude)

    2. Technical round

    3. Managerial round

    4. HR round

    For the aptitude prepare R.S Aggarwal basics and placement papers provided by website and please utilize the opportunity of mock tests provided by TCS. If you solve model papers that?s all you are going to be selected and in the test the questions are lengthy but you try to concentrate on numericals, mostly in the last two lines and some questions are tricky. You can find the answers in placement papers or TCS If you got selected in written test you are 70% selected.

    Next is the technical round

    As we are all freshers they going to observe our confidence levels that?s it and some questions which I faced are

    1. Tell me about yourself?

    2. Why you have choosen computers as your core subject?

    3. About the project?

    4. c&ds programs?

    5. Object oriented programming buzz words?

    6. How will provide data security?

    7. Importance of data warehousing?

    8. Oracle queries, joins

    9. Software engineering process models ( I told interesting subject as software engineering)

    10. Object oriented design and analysis diagrams

    11. Database connectivity

    Next round is Managerial round

    From now onwards only requirement is only confidence & spontaneous. Be bold and answer the questions correctly sample questions are

    1. Tell me about yourself?

    2. Why tcs?

    3. They will give us a situation  and how u react in that situation.

    4. Why interested in software side?

    5. Will you give bond for two years?

    HR round:

    This is the last round of the session so be confident and  be an optimist. This is going to determine whether you are in or out.

    And the questions are

    1. Tell me about yourself (other than resume)

    2. Family background?

    3. Hobbies?

    4. News updates

    All the best

    There is never a wrong time to do the right thing. So start your preparation, may opportunity knock your door.


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