TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bhilai Institute Of Techn, Durg, Chatisgarh-27 Dec 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bhilai Institute Of Techn, Durg, Chatisgarh-27 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    I am a Computer Science & Engg student from Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg (Chatisgarh). TCS came to our college from 27th to 29th December, 2010. Around 450 students attended the recruitment process.
    Round 1 (Online Test)
    Online test was purely based on the 70 patterns of questions available on But remember numerical data for every question was changed. So don't just mug up the answers, go for the concepts. If you don't find the solutions, just google it out. I attempted 31 questions, fearing upper cut-off. But remember guys there is no such thing like upper cut-off. So attempt as much you can. 
    The test was conducted in various slots and the result was declared late night. Around 375 were shortlisted.

    Round 2 (Technical Interview)

    Next day we waited since morning for technical interview. I prepared core Java, C and dbms as my area of interest. My turn came around 8'o clock in the night. I enterd the interview room.
    Me: Good Evening Sir
    HR: Good Evening, have a seat
    HR was a middle aged man with a smiling face, he had a different accent.
    HR: Snehil, brief me about yourself
    Me: Told, he listened it keenly and I think he liked it. My confidence raised up.
    HR: Whats your area of interest?
    Me: Told him that I liked programming, esp core Java and C.
    HR: Tell me about your project?
    Me: Told him everything about it. He was impressed.
    HR: What was your role in project?
    Me: I was the main coder, I coded in PHP.
    HR: How will you rate yourself in C programming
    Me: After a short pause I told him, 7.5/10
    HR: He gave me a problem to sort a series of nos in descending order using C.
    Me: I knew bubble sort, so I wrote the logic on the paper

    HR: Good, Snehil tell me what is computer network
    Me: Told

    HR: Tell me the different layers of OSI model.

    Me: Told (easy one)
    HR: What is the difference between hub and switch
    Me: Fumbled a bit, but told him the answer.

    HR: YOu told opposite (he was checking my confidence level)

    Me: Sir I am sure about my answer.
    HR: What is collission layer.
    Me: I am sorry sir, I haven't heard of this term before.
    HR: What is subnetting, tell me in one line.
    Me: Told.
    HR: What is IP address?
    Me: Told.
    HR: What are the ranges of various classes of IP address?
    Me: Told, I was wrong in class E but he corrected me.
    HR: You have excellent networking skills.
    Me: Thank you Sir
    HR: Go and prepare for HR round.
    Me: OK Sir, thank you.
    Round 3 (HR Interview)

    My turn for HR interview came 4 hours after technical round.

    Me: Good evening Sir
    HR: Good evening, have a seat

    HR: Tell me why do you want to join TCS?
    Me: Told (prepare a different and unique answer for this)
    HR: How can you help TCS?
    Me: Told
    HR: Do you think you are a good computer science student.
    Me: I told, Yes (confidently)

    HR: What are your areas of interest in computer science
    Me: Told.

    HR: He showed me his watch and asked whether I can code a analog watch program using C language
    Me: Sir I can't do it in C, but I can definitely try in Java.
    HR: Good, what is the difference between unix and linux?
    Me: Told whatever I knew, he corrected me when needed.
    HR: Do you know about the bond.
    Me: No Sir, then he told me everything.
    HR: Can you relocate anywhere in India and abroad
    Me: Sir I don't have a problem with it.
    HR: You can wait for the result
    Me: Ok, thank you sir.
    The results came next day. 283 student were selected from our college. I was one of them. Prepare well guys. Meet you in TCS.

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