TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences    Vardaman Engineering College, Hyderabad-29 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences    Vardaman Engineering College, Hyderabad-29 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    This is Raghavan from Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty, Anantapur(Dist), A.P.

    I wrote the written test for TCS in Vardaman Engineering college, Hyderabad, 29th August, 2010. I am from Electronics stream. This is a tough exam.

    Total 35 bits. All are Aptitude questions. Each carries 1 mark and 0.33 will be deducted for a wrong answer(Negative marking).

    Time: 1 hour

    I remembered only less questions.

    1) Bhaskaracharya lived (some time waste data) sum of two numbers is 5 and product of two numbers is 8. What is the squares of that numbers?
    a) 41  b) 13  c) 69  d) 9

    Sol: (a-b)^2 =a^2 + b^2 -2ab

    a^2 + b^2 = (a-b)^2 + 2ab
    =5^2 + 2*8=41.

    2) 20 people going to one temple.(some time waste data) They want Rs. 20. For men-Rs.3, women-Rs.2, children-50 paisa. How much money spend for men, children and women.

    a) Rs.6-men, Rs.4-children, Rs.10- women
    b) Rs.3-men, Rs.7-children, Rs.10- women
    c) Rs.3-men, Rs.8-children, Rs.9- women
    d) Rs.9-men, Rs.3-children, Rs.8- women

    Sol: By using options we calculate it easily.

    From option b
    Men - 1men*Rs.3= Rs.3
    Children - 14children* 50paisa= Rs.7
    Women - 5women*Rs.2= Rs.10

    3) Adam sit with his friends in stadium (some time waste data) 5 rounds are running. Every round half of the teams eliminated. Lastly one team win the game. How many teams are played in the tournament?

    a) 30  b)31  c)32  4)33
    Sol: by using options v can easily find answer.
    From option c, Total 32 teams played. Next 16,8,4,2,1.
    In this we choose only even numbers by half next also get even numbers then only we get lastly one winning team.

    4) There are two ipes A and B. If A filled 10 times in hour, B can filled in same time. Likewise B can fill 10,20,40,80.160,. If B filled in 1/16 of the tank in 3 hours, how much time will it take to fill completely?

    a) 5hours  b) 7hours  c) 8 hours  d) 10 hours
    Sol: 1/16th tank - 3rd hour, 1/8th tank ? 4th hour, 1/4th tank- 5th hour, ½th tank ? 6th hour, Full tank ? 7th hour.
    5) Shusan brought terlin cloth and rope (some time waste data). If rope is 115metre long and cut 7 times then how many pieces you get?

    a) 805  b) 804 c) 802 d) 806

    Sol: 115*7times =805 pieces.

    6) In room glouses, jackets total 11-blue, 46-red, 42-green. In room power is cut (some time waste data). Probability of take 5 colors of glouse and jackets? (I did not remember but same like this ).

    7) There are some 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers parked(some time waste data).Total number of wheels present is 140 then how many cycle wheels are there?

    a) 15 b) 18 c) 19 d) 14

    Sol: check options

    From a) 15*2=30 cycle wheels, 140-30=110 is not divisible by 4 so 15 wrong ans
    From b) 18*2=36 cycle wheels 140-36=102 is divisible by 4 so 18 is correct ans

    8) Average Age of 3 members is X. Two persons added to the 3 members team the average is Y then find the last person age? (I did not remember the X,Y values).

    9) Pizza parlor provides pizzas there were 2 toppings available initially peperomi and salami but now they introduces 7 new item(some time waste data). One person wishes to buy two different pizzas from the new items. How many ways he can do that?

    Sol: from new items n*(n-1); 7*6=42

    10) In laboratory one person checks Electronic equipment(some time waste data). Voltage 10v and current is from a then the resistance is?

    Sol: R= V/I = 10/4 = 2.5kv

    11) One grandfather have 3 grand children (some time waste data). The age difference between 2 of grandsons 3 years. 1st grandson is twice as elder then younger one. Addition of Two children (I did not remember).

    12) The ratio of current age of X and Y is 6:5. Their age some days after is 55 years. After how many years their age ratio will be 8:7?

    Sol: 6x:5x

    6x+5x = 55 ? x=5;
    (30+y)/(25+y)=8/7 ? y=10

    13) A pong ran away from stable to NEW YORK then went to US then to BEJING ran through grass (Some time wasted data)Horse after 4 hours (some time waste data)then pong went to sky. If the speed of the horse is 45kmph and he left stable 3 hours then pong?s average speed?

    14) One organization make one robot(some time waste data). They want material, labor and maitanace are in the ratio 4:6:7. The material cost is 500. What is the total cost?

    15) (Some time waste data) 10 tables, 4 chairs per table. Each table has different. People then how many tables will left without at least one person?

    Ans: Easily we get 6

    16) Two years before paul?s age is ?x? times the alice age and the present age of paul is ?y? times the alice age. What is the present age of paul?s ?

    Sol: I did not remember the exact values of x and y but procedure is

    P-2 = x(A-2); paul?s age-P, alice?s age-A
    P= yA
    Solve the equations we get paul?s age.

    17) Pink?s age before 6 years was ?x? times the age of Anderson. Pink?s age after 6 years will be ?a/b? times the age of Anderson. Then finfd the persent age of pink?s ?

    Sol: I did not remember the exact values of a,b and x but procedure is

    P-6 = x(A-6); pink?s age-P, Anderson?s age-A
    P+6 = (a/b)(A+6)
    Solve the equations we get Paul?s present age.

    18) (some time waste data) 10 boys are there. From that how many ways, we can select the youngest age person?

    a) 2 b) 1024 c) 512 d) 2!

    Sol: 2^(n-1); 2^(10-1)= 2^9 = 512.

    19) One die and toss problem(I did not remember)

    20) One trangle parameters are 16,18 and 20 (some time waste data). By using you can build a square then the area of square is?

    Sol: (16+18+20)/4 = 13.5;

    Square is 13.5^2 =182.25.

    21) 1 to 20 numbers are there(Some time waste data). If n numbers are false at the end of the series!

    X) 1st 10 numbers are true. Y) Last 10 numbers are false.

    a) X is true.

    b) X & Y both are true.
    c) Y is false.
    d) Either X or Y is false.

    22) One question from blood relation. It is very easy.

    23) Average speed of trains.

    In Hyderabad, cut off is 22+. In many questions there was lot of data given and it was very confusing so it is my advice to read it very carefully and judge quickly what they are asking. Just see last two lines first. Calculation easy then go through it otherwise skip it after last you calculate it. Just be active and have patience, try to answer each question you attempt correctly.

    All the best!

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