TCS  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   SRKR Engg. College,Bhimavaram-09 May 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   SRKR Engg. College,Bhimavaram-09 May 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi  friends this is chaitu  from srkr engineering college,bhimavaram?recently TCS came to our college on may 9th and 10th of this month .Around 430 members have appeared for the written test and nearly 230 members got cleared their written test and 91 members finally selected for  TCS ?Friends just follow my suggesitions u can easily crack the TCS interview ?really don?t take my words silly.Even though I have not selected for tcs I can tell better than others because I have lost it..u shouldn?t loose it by doing silly mistakes..First of all through online registration students should get registered for the written test .Don?t bother about this your placement officer will inform about this.

    The interview consists of 4 rounds
    1)Written Test (Online)
    Verbal part
    : 10 synonyms
                          10 antonyms
                          1 reading comprehension with 4 questions
                          6 fill in the blanks with appropriate sentences.
    Quant (30 questions)
    Critical Reasoning(12 marks 3 reasoning paragraphs)

    2) Technical Round ( Majority Elimination Round)

    3)  Management Round (Elimination Round)

    4)  HR Interview ( Not an elimination round)

    Now follow the above suggesitions.These suggestions are not for the students who have prepared well from months these are for the students who are worried about how to clear the tcs written test with no preparation until now ..
    For clearing the written test u should follow barrons 12th edition don?t worry its not necessary to read the entire book.I will tell you which parts u should cover
    For Quant questions: Just practice the questions present in all 2008 posts it is more than enough no need of doing rs agarwal ..all 30 out of 30 questions will come from the freshers world first 25 tcs  posts only just data will change .
    For antonyms :  There are around 180 antonyms in barrons which u should compulsory byhatt them .around 8 to 9 sometimes even 10 out of 10 antonyms will come from these 180 antonyms.   After you are thorough with these 180 antonyms then only go for other stuff ok..Barrons 12th edition page no 122 to 129 here there are 100 antonyms out of 180 ..remaining around 80 antonyms are from the 5 model papers at the end of book .Don?t take it silly just go through it?.in the test if  u had kept 10 out of 10 antonyms then u will get lot of confidence..practise these 180 a lot and lot?
    99% the anotnyms will come from these 180 only

    For Reading Comprehension:
    Just go through the reading comprehension in the 5 model test papers .Don?t leave the paragraphs with 6 questions see them also. If you have 1 or 2 days time don?t waste time by doing the paragraphs on your own .90 % they will give the paragraph from barrons only. So for each paragraph sit with your friends .For a paragraph write down the answers at one place and just form a simple story on these answers.This is the most effective way to remember the answers without headache.For Rc?s don?t take the risk of byhatting the options .They may change the sequence some times.Ok do u feel some what relaxed because the headache of rc?s and antonyms had gone .

    For synonyms:
    First of all read all the synonyms from the 5 model papers .Then go for high frequency word list. U can answer around 5 to 6 . I don?t know from where u can get the remaining synonyms.

    Sentence Completion:
    Don?t be in a illusion that a sentence will come n  u should identify the appropriate word.This is the toughest part in the verbal section .They will give a paragraph with 6 blanks . U should identify the missing sentences not the missing words . Identify the appropriate sentence . go for this section only at the end of the test.Maximum , time wouldn?t be there to do this section.Even u have not scored much don?t bother u can do well in other sections. 

    Critical Reasoning: 
    This is my favourite section. With in a short time u will know why I called it as my favourite section.
    This is the most easiest section for some guys because some people may get all the reasoning paragraphs from barrons.and for some they may not get even single pargraph like me ( I am the most unlucky person) . But the paragraphs which are not from barrons will be easy to do.. I have done around 10 questions easily.
    If u have time to do the reasoning paragraphs then practice them from barrons model papers before the exam.
    But if didn?t have time to practice the reasoning section and if you dare to leave them don?t do so. I will tell u how to byhatt them . maximum 99.9 % they will give the reasoning paragraphs from the barrons model papers as it is , without changing the order so just byhatt them.
    This is the way I have byhatted the reasoning paragraphs from barrons model papers.   They are around 25 reasoning paragraphs with 4 questions leave the reasoning paras with 6 questions .
    Concentrate on highlighted word. Non Andhra students just skip this section and read the other suggesitions?
    1) If any word like motorist appeared in the reasoning paragraph .then remember this short story : Motorist  addamga(From this remind AD) velli company CEO( Ceo numchi CE gurthupettukovali)  ne guddisadu
    so answer is :ADCE
    u can form the stories of your own like this to remember .this is the way I byhatted them.
    2)if the words marriage in the society appears in the paragraph then story is Pelli kuthurni ne cab lo ante pallaki lo (From this CAB) lo mosukuntu dum dum dum ani (From this D) thesukuvelthunnaru.
    So answer is :CABD
    3) if the word Pentagon appears in the paragraph then story is Us lo pentagon meda attack jariginappude pakkane idea cell tower vundatanta appudu adi kuda padi poyindanta attack lo .eppudu cell lo c thesi idea lo i place lo pettandi cdea vasthundi
    So answer is :CDEA     
    4) if the word Latin,Sanskrit appears in the paragraph then story is Dady (from this DAD) Sanskrit, latin nerchukomani books (From this remind B) thesukuvacharu        
    So answer is: DADB
    5)  if the word Baseball players appears in the paragraph then story is Base ball players addamga (From this AD)  beer ( from this BE) thagesi ishtamvachinattu aaduthunnaru         
    So answer is: ADBE
    6)  if the word Novels  appears in the paragraph then story is popular novels anni kuda bead meda (from this bead) podukuni chaduvutham kada
    so the answer is :BEAD
    7) if the word Delegations  appears in the paragraph then story is  Delegates vachinappudu ammayalu (from this remind A) boquets echi vallaki welcome chepthu ECE department(From this ECE) ki thesukuni vellaru
    So answer is : AECE
    8) if the word Formal Dinner  appears in the paragraph then story is  dinner lo mulakaada (drum stick from this CADA) vaddincharu
    So answer is : CADA
    9)  if the word Visa  appears in the paragraph then story is  Visa vachindi, so us velladu . us velli a to e anni chusesi ( place A first and E last) Madhya madhalo cinemalu ,appudappudu college ke vellevadu(so remind CC in the middle)  .
    so answer is : ACCE
    10)if in the paragraph either museum or eight caves appears
    answer is :CCBB( c square b square)
     museum or eight caves        ccbb(c square b square)
    11)if in the paragraph either  memorial day appears
    Answer is: ccba ( c square b a)
    Horizontal row,vertical row               answer:ccac(c square a c)
    Basket ball                                                         dccb(d c square b)
    Democratic conservative party                        ddbc(d square b c)
    Hotel Miramar                                                  dbca
    Story for this is in dhaba (from this DB) cat walk(from this CA) is going on  so answer is DBCA
    Three worker each day                                    aede
    Six school board members                              dbde
    Official hoster of newyork city                          eade
    A is the father of two children                      deeb (d e square b)
    A,b,c,d,e ,f,q                                                      edbc
    A,b,c,w,d,e,x,f                                                   aabc ( a sqaure b c)

    After cracking the written they will give u a 3 page application form be very careful with it ..don?t struck any column , fill it without any is damn important.Don?t fill the application form in hurry. One of my friend he filled the application form by referring to another frnds appli form he in hurry put the dob of other person n striked in the appli form had rewritten. After going to HR round i.e 4th round HR rejected due to this silly mistake they consider these sort of mistakes as irresponsible,negligence and arrogance.And one of other friend he forgot to write the place name at place column. He got rejected at the end of second day silly mistakes may end ur interview be very very careful..Don?t  put the neck button without wearing a personal skills don?t write meaning less sentences like I am optimistic,object oriented mind setup these sort of dirty sentences..ur resume should be as simple as possible..
    Now Technical Round:
    Always remember no HR or any person they not even see ur file or certificates u got .they wont even touch them. Whole interview process will go based on ur resume.the students who have selected for online test will have the technical round on the next day of the exam. Be prepared the first question is
     tell me abt urself . then be thorough with ur resume don?t place unnecessary stuff in the resume if ur not confident with them. If u have a project then if u are confident with the project then only keep it in resume otherwise forget abt it. Because of my project in resume I lost the job. He didn?t ask me how did u do the project tell me he asked the questions based on his knowledge . I couldn?t answer them .He asked me tell me how did u done data base configuration in apache tomcat server I have never touched it infact we do nothing like that . its my fate ..
    all CS N IT STUDENTS be thorough with these questions
    write logic for implementins
    Swapping of two variables without using temp variables
    Fibonicci series with n without recursion
    Factorial with n without recursion
    Pascal triangle
    N some other easy programs
    String length finding without using functions
    Concatenate n comparision of two strings
    What is os
    Imp: diff b/n dbms and rdms
    What is cn
    Entity set ,er model
    Like these all basic questions

    Don?t worry technical interview will be very easy . Once u have got through this round u have maximum got the job ..but don?t be over confident ? I came back in this round only..

    3)Management Round(MR): this is an eliminating round for students only who feel shy to answer some questions like do u have girl friend or do u smoke or drink..whatever they have asked just answer them confidently without feeling shy.. Hr asked my friend do u talk with girls he with a smile answered no ..thats all he told that we don?t want students who doesn?t have interaction..

    4) HR round: the basic questions like tell me abt urself ,why tcs,ur family backgroung n questions based on preplacement talk ?that?s all ?u are in tcs?.

    Friends I have taken pain to write all these for u because I want u all to know doing silly mistakes how we can loose a lot?Friends while answering any question think for 5  seconds don?t reply without thinking ?remember that 5 seconds will change ur life ?don?t reply that my aim Is cat,mba,gre all that sort of  nonsense..5 seconds have decided my life ?don?t allow that 5 seconds to dictate u?bye my dear friends ?.ALL THE BEST?JUST BELIEVE IN GOD ..KEEP SMILING ?IT?s must for any interview?

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