TCS  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   NIT,Durgapur-1 Jan 1900

TCS  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   NIT,Durgapur-1 Jan 1900

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    I m sending u almost all the critical reasoning qs. giving just brief idea because I can?t recall .Though I will suggest u to consult all the qs from anna university and all model test papers (edition 12th)becoz they made the database from that edition .though I m giving the aptitudes given here

    1six floor is given .there are 7 or 8 people .each floor contain two apartments. each apart there would be 2 or persons. We have to determine the person what floors they are staying (REFERENCE 12 TH BARRON)

    25 PERSONS ARE IN ACOMITTEE . THERE A,B,C,D,E,F ,G,H.A&C and C&E,D&F &D&G cant go together From this there are easy questions # barron? page 487 sec 6 analytical ability prob 8-12 abt 6ix American city??.

    # barron? page 435 sec 5 analytical ability problem 1-4 about city a ,b and c ??.

    #3Toll in a high way is given .The peoples cant remind the data. It ?s also from Barron Book(12th Barron edition).

    Refer Barron for these problems. There were 3 of those. One of them We have given below:

    A project to consolidate the programs of a large university and a small college is set up. It is agreed that the representatives work in small committees of 3, with 2
    from the large university. No committee should be represented by faculty members of same subject area. The professors were:
    Large University: J (English), K (Maths.), L, (Natural Science)
    Small college: M (Maths.), N (Latin), O, P (Both English)


    1. Which of the following represents a properly composed committee?

    2.Which of the following may serve with P?

    3. Which of the following must be true?
    a. if J serves,P must be assigned.
    b. if J can't serve,M also can't be assigned
    c. if J can't serve,L must serve.

    4. If L is not available,which two must be available ?

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