TCS  Placement Paper   Aptitude - English   -1 Jan 1900

TCS  Placement Paper   Aptitude - English   -1 Jan 1900

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     Synonym and antonym
    1.Harbinger ? forerunner, portent, indication
    2.Cacophony ? dissonance, disharmony
    3.Divulge ? reveal, disclose
    4.Clutch ? grasp, grab, clasp, hold
    5.Acronym ? short form, contraction, ellipsis
    6.Illustrious ? memorable, well?known, famous
    7.Prolific ? productive, abundant
    8.Divergent ? different, deviating, conflicting
    9.Jaded ? world-weary, tired, lackluster, worn-out, exhausted, bored, fed up
    10. Mien ? appearance, demeanor
    11. Mitigate ? alleviate, ease, lessen, soften, allay, moderate
    12. Ambitious ? determined, grand, striving
    13. Aberration ? deviation, abnormality, eccentricity, oddness
    14. Foray ? raid, sortie, incursion, attack, venture
    15. Denounce ? condemn, accuse, criticize

    VERBAL SECTION:Directions for questions 1-15:Find the synonyms of the following words.
    Synonyms: (Ref: Barron?s Synonyms and Antonyms)                                               
    Ponderous ? heavy, tedious, cumbersome
    Mundane ? ordinary, dull, monotonous, dreary
    Icon ? image, idol, emblem, symbol
    Brackish ? salty, briny
    Mollify ? placate, pacify, calm, appease, soothe
    Depreciation ? reduction, decline
    Equanimity ? composure, poise, calmness, self-control
    Gist ? general idea, substance, essence
    Gaudy ? garish, flashy, extravagant, loud, showy, colorful
    Awry ? skewed, crooked, wrong
    Repartee ? banter, joking, word play
    Boisterous ? energetic, animated
    Ungainly ? clumsy, awkward, ungraceful, miserly, mean, inelegant, gawky
    Whimsical ? fanciful, unusual, quirky, capricious
    Asperity ? roughness, severity, brusqueness
    Cavil ? quibble, complain, niggle, split hairs, carp
    Quixotic ? idealistic, romantic, dreamy, unrealistic, impracticable
    Profound ? deep, intense, thoughtful, reflective, philosophical, weighty, insightful
    Incorrigible - habitual, persistent, inveterate, hopeless
    Musty ? mildewed, moldy, stale, rank, fusty, stuffy
    Waif ? stray, thing, lose, urchin, orphan
    Irk ? displease, vex, annoy, trouble, bother, nag, rile
    Interdict ? prohibit, veto, injunction, bar, embargo
    Cohere - hold together
    Rupture - break
    Moribund ? dying, declining, waning
    Décolleté ? low necked, revealing
    Callow ? inexperienced, immature, youthful
    Balmy ? mild, clement, pleasant
    recalcitrant ? unruly, disobedient, obstinate, stubborn
    guile ? cunningness, deviousness, slyness, cleverness, wiliness, astuteness

    1.Compose     x disturb
    2.Pristine       x sullied
    3.Turbid        x limpid
    4.Monetary    x non-economical
    5. Revere        x threaten
    6.Hamper       x facilitate
    7.Transient    x permanence
    8.Fascinate    x mundane
    9.Fickle         x loyal
    10.Contraband x legal goods
    11.Repellent   x attractive
    12.Slur          x grace
    13.Protean     x constant
    14.Hidebound x broadminded
    15.Precipitate x dilatory/contradictory 

    Sentence completion
    A passage is given with multiple blanks. There was a passage abt Artists,abt Money mgmt,abt Cleanliness??

    Censure ? fault, criticize
    Optimum ? best, most favorable
    Candid ? frank, open, blunt, upfront, forth-right
    Cite ? quote, name, mention, refer to, allude to
    Effusive ? demonstrative, fussy, talkative, overenthusiastic, vociferous, extroverted
    Voluble ? articulate, vociferous, talkative
    Banal ? commonplace, trivial, predictable, trite, hackneyed
    Standing ? rank, permanent, position, duration, status, reputation, eminence
    Nascent ? budding, emerging, blossoming, embryonic
    Clutch ? grasp, grab, hold
    Generic ? general, basic, common
    Empirical ? experimental, pragmatic, practical
    Anomaly ? irregularity, glitch, difference
    Circuitous ? roundabout, twisty, meandering, indirect, winding, tortuous
    Surveillance ? observation, watch, shadowing
    Objective ? aim, impartial, real, purpose, goal
    Raucous ? rough, wild, hoarse, guttering
    Voracious ? insatiable, avid, hungry, big, rapacious, greedy
    Pedigree ? rare-breed, full-blooded, lineage
    Fidelity ? loyalty, reliability
    Augment ? supplement, boost, add to, bump up
    Precarious ? unstable, shaky, risky, uncertain
    Derogatory ? disparaging, critical, insulting, offensive
    Onus ? responsibility, burden, obligation, duty
    Analogous - similar, akin, related
    Expedient ? measure, convenient, device, maneuver
    Compliance ? fulfillment, obedience
    Diffident ? shy, insecure, timid
    Plaintive ? mournful, sad, melancholic, nostalgic, lamenting
    Insinuate ? imply, suggest, make-out, ingratiate yourself
    Misdemeanor ? wrong, sin, crime, offense
    Exonerate ? clear, forgive, absolve
    Gregarious ? outgoing, extroverted, sociable, expressive, unreserved
    Benign ? kind, benevolent, compassionate
    Attenuate ? satisfy, calm, soothe, ease
    Sonorous ? loud, deep, resonant, echoing
    Bolster ? boost, strengthen, reinforce, encourage
    Heterodox ? unorthodox, dissenting, contrary to accepted belief, heretical, deviating
    Restiveness ? impatience, restlessness, nervousness
    Effigy ? image, statue, model
    Retrograde ? retrospective, traditional, conservative, nostalgic,forward-looking(antonym)
    Sacrosanct ? sacred, holy, revered
    Dangle ? hang down, sway, droop, swing, suspend
    Cryptic ? mysterious, enigmatic, puzzling, hidden
    Debilitate ? incapacitate, weaken, hamper, encumber, hinder
    Divulge ? reveal, disclose
    Spendthrift ? wastrel, squanderer, compulsive shopper
    Indigenous ?native, original, local
    Erroneous ? mistaken, flawed, incorrect
    Minion ? follower, subordinate, underling, gofer
    Veracity ? reality, truth, sincerity

    2. ABYSMAL - terrible
         (i) SLIGHT   (ii) DEEP    (iii) ILLUSTRIOUS  (iv)  PROLIFIC 
    3. DILIGENT ? hardworking, industrious, meticulous, careful
            (i) INTELLIGENT (ii)?..(iii)??(iv)??
             (i) PASSIONATE    (ii) CONFESY     (iii) NOISY   (iv) MOQULIS
    5) IMPETUS
             (i) CONNECT      (ii) CRUCIAL       (iii) STIMULUS    (iv) IMMEDIATE
    6) ACRONYM
             (i) ABBREVIATION    (ii) SIMILAR
            (i) FORECAST   (ii) SPREAD   (iii) BRANSP
              (i) NAVAL    (ii) UNCOMMON  (iii) FORE RUNNER    (iv) GLORY

            (i) OBJECTIONABLE  (ii) ENJOYABLE   (iii) ADAPTABLE   (iv) OBSTINATE
    2) COVERT
            (i) MANIFEST   (ii) INVISIBLE   (iii) SCARED    (iv) ALTER
    3) PENSIVE
            (i) REPENTENT     (ii) SAD     (iii) THOUGHTLESS      (iv) CARELESS
    4) MITIGATE 
            (i) AGGRAVATE     (ii) RELIEVE    (iii) ELEMINATE      (iv) EXHUMAN
              (i) CONTRARY             (ii) COMING TOGETHER
              (iii) CONVERSANT      (iv) CONTROVERSY
               (i) SCEPTICAL   (ii) RESILIENT   (iii) STUBBORN    (iv) SUSPICIOUS
    7) CLUTCH
               (i) HOLD     (ii) GRAB    (iii) RELEASE       (iv) SPREAD
    8) MOTLEY
               (i) BULKY    (ii) SPECKLED     (iii) HOMOGENEOUS     (iv) DIFFERENT
               (i) PURSUE      (ii) VANQUISH     (iii) DESTROY          (iv) DEVASTATE
               (i) PERMANENT             (ii) REMOVED

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