Tata ELXSI  Placement Paper   Technical - C & C++   -31 Dec 2010

Tata ELXSI  Placement Paper   Technical - C & C++   -31 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


    The test consisted of 2 sections one technical section 30 questions, to be answered in 30 minutes it included questions mostly on C and some 5-6 questions. on OS The C portion was difficult and the average score was around 15-20 The questions were totally different...not from Test your C skills... there were quite a few mistakes in printing so assume them accordingly some people told that quite a few questions. matched with a book C under DOS test so if can get that book it's well and good else be confident with what u know:

    1. nt a=9;
      case 9 : printf("abc");
      default : printf("def"); 
      what would be the output ?
      ans : the program will compile correctly with no errors but will give undesirable results

    2. int z[3]={1,2,3};
      int *p=&z[1];
      int x=*p++;
      ans. note here that the value of *p will be assigned to x and then p is incremented therefore x=2

    3. #define paste(a,b) a##b
      int a=3,b=6;
      return o;
      question. what code will be replaced at the call of the macro 
      options : (a,b) a,b (a,b)
      (ab) a,b (ab)
      (a,b) ab (a,b)
      ans. not able to work it out

    4. some structure declaration was given
       struct abc
      int a : 4
      char c : 2
      int abc;
      ques. what will be memory allocated to it when we define an object of this structure

      ans . the bits are added and rounded of 2 next higher byte 
      eg. 5 bits - 1 byte
      1 bit - 1 byte
      9 bits - 2byte

    5. some ques. on memory allocation so clear ur funda of memory allocation properly

    6. To declare a boolean variale in C what method we follow ans. using bit feilds

    7. What does painter's algo. is for in graphics ans. don't know 

    8. Which is more efficient calling a function by its name or by using a pointer to the function

    9. External functions and external variables are all global 

    10. There are 5 jobs A B C D and E u have to schedule these jobs using the SPT , DD and STR ( i cant 

    11. the fullforms) and job processing time was given constraints:
      Spt = DD
      STR = DD - SPT
      ANS: using this table u can solve the eqs Freshersworld.com
      spt E C A B D
      DD E A C B D
      STR E A/B D C
      order of excution

    12. c = prt/ropd prt = production/rate ropd = rotations Nt = T/c E = T/Na * c Na = whole number  
      according this formula there WERE 5 qs

    13. A B C D E are 5 boys and find the ages of them given 1) B-A = 5 
      2) B>A 
      3) D>F 
      4) E-D<2
      5) D-F > 2
      6) All of the above are false

    14. About the graphics similar to java function draearc drawrect, find the area, center by giving values to function    
      1. about process ( os )
      2. stacks (data struct..)
      3. graphs ( binary trees)
      4. time complexity of the c program they had given
      5. c program ( recurrsion find the no. of print stat exec. in the recu. func. ans. 4) 

    15. About the soft. engineering i.e identify the phases
      1) collecting the information - requirement analysis phase testing or design .. ( similarly identify the 5 statemnets
      they had given) 

    16. Choose the correct expression                                                              
      ((())) correct 
      ()(()( incorrect.
          Technical Questions

    17. about process ( os )

    18. stacks (data struct..)

    19. graphs ( binary trees)

    20. time complexity of the c program they had given

    21. c program ( recurrsion find the no. of print stat exec. in the recu. func. ans. 4)

    22. about the soft. engineering i.e identify


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