Tata ELXSI  Placement Paper   Analytical   -31 Dec 2010

Tata ELXSI  Placement Paper   Analytical   -31 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


      There is two saprate test  

    Technical (30 questions-30 minutes) - Separate questions for CS and EC. Technical was conducted first, followed by Analytical.No Negative marking.No Separate Question Booklets.Everybody had thesame one -Technical test (for computer science) consisted MAINLY 'C' questions. And most of them were difficult ones. There were 3 questions from Computer Graphics (Tata Elxsi is also into Multimedia Development ,thet may be the reason)

    Analytical (30 questions-20 minutes) Analytical test DID NOT HAVE ANY ENGLISH QUESTIONS. R.S Aggarwal's 'Quantitative Aptitude' would be very helpful here because there were questions asked from numbers/Simplification/Problems on Ages/Profit and Loss/Ratio and Proportion/Time & Work/Pipes & Cisterns/Time & Distance/Problems on Trains/Problems on Boats & Streams /Area/Volume & Surface Area/Calendar/Clocks. So as you can see, they covered almost the entire book

    Graphics:Painters algorithm is used for...........

    Graphics:Why is 'Lighting' operations done on World Coordinates?

    Graphics:One more question Ans: may be none of the above

    How can you call a function written in FORTRAN from a C program ?

    Normal question on pointer addition

    A question on 64 bit OS's and Virtual Memory it will be having     

    Another question on 64 bit OS

    A structure was given and it contained normal data as well as some bit-wise data.You had to find the total size taken up by the structure

    A big code with lots of pointers. There was a struct which contained 2 arrays. Then an array of that structure was declared. The code used these structures and you had to find the values of a variable 'j' at various points inside the code.

    A code which had some declarations of some data items. There were a couple of normal data items(char,int..) and some pointers as well and a malloc call. You have  to find the total memory taken up in the stack(Hint:Pointers 

    A code which had some declarations of some data items. There were a couple of normal data items(char,int..) and some pointers as well and a malloc call. You have to find the total memory taken up in the stack(Hint:Pointers  and all are allocated in heap, not in stack, so dont count them).Also in most of these questions, they were specifying that  the OS was 32 bit.

    A question on nesting of pointers. There was this pointer to a function which returned an array of char pointers.....You had to give the exact definition of the function

    Value of 2 particular variables in C(MAXINT and some other constant)

     What do you need to do to open more than 10 files simultaneously in Microsoft Operating System?-change stdio.h/change CONFIG.SYS/compiler dependent

    A question on Macro( consisted of something like CTRL&037)

    Another question on Macro expansion

    Yet another question on Macro expansion

    UNIX question on 'who' output and then doing some other operation and then asking you whats the output.

    UNIX question on 'awd' operation

      Analytical Test Paper

    101^100 -1 is divisible by.....

     Question on boat ( stream velocity given...)

    Train Question( Goods and Passenger train.. their speeds given..)

     Pipe question (with leak at the bottom..)     

    Salary & Proportion problem

    Another problem on Salary & Proportion

    Age question-father and son      

    Questiononratios(Sachin:Saurav=Saurav:Rahul=3:2....together they scored some runs,you had to find the runs scored by Sachin)

    Angle between hands when time is 2:20

    x^2 + 4 y^2 =4xy.Find x:y

    A question on Arithmetic Progression(something like 5 times the 5th term is 8 times  the 8th term..find 12th  term...)

    A and B's work units given.They were together gievn Rs.720.When C joined,they together completed the work in 5 days.Find C's wages

    There was a circle.A square of max size was cut from it.From this square,a circle of  max size was cut.What was the ratio of this final size w.r.t initial size?

    A runs 3/4th faster than B.One of them was placed some metres ahead.How far  should the finishing post be placed so that both of them finish at the same time?

    Longest time one has to wait for next birthday?(366/365/4 years/8years)

    Next no: in the seq: 7,11,__,19,23    

    Some question on steps...it was 10 ft high...an ant travelled upwards..and total time  taken

    Cricket-some data on runrate of the opposition being 15%....

    Time & Distance..somebody was travelling along the circumference

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