Syntel  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Rajalakshmi Engg College, Chennai-12 Jul 2007

Syntel  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Rajalakshmi Engg College, Chennai-12 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello Friends, SYNTEL came to our college (Rajalakshmi engg college-chennai).It conducted its witten test on 12th july

    Eligibility Criteria
    55% in 10th and 12th
    55% in till now in semesters

    Written test
    The placement paper consists of 2 sections :-
    1.Reasoning 25 questions (cuttoff 13or 11)
    2. English 15 questions  (cutt off-8 or 6)
    Paper is continous .Common answer sheet 5 options.

    It consisted of blood relations ,assertion reason, Coding Decoding, etc.
    Fill in  the blanks with appropriate words. Find the grammatical error in the sentence.and Analogy.

    The test started aroud It was for 1 hr duration. The results were declared at 3.00pm. Around 641 students attended the written test and 81 were selected for interview.  The entire selection process over at d same day

    It consisted of HR and Technical combined

    Technical questions
    Q tel me abt ur self
    Q ur favourite subject?
    Q how good u r in computers?
    Q Write a program to swap two variables, without third variable
    Q What is Array, pointer, structure, union?
    Q diff b/w or gate and ex-or gate?

    HR questions
    genral hr.... they gave a topic and asked to speak on it
    The interview is quite easy and be cofident in answering the questions.They r checking the confidence level. Out of 82 only 40 were placed and i was one of them. Hope this exp will help u and we will meet in Syntel. Dont get dishearteded as u will be placed one day . This was my 4th company.

    BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Manoj kumar.A.,

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