Syntel  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-8 Jan 2007

Syntel  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-8 Jan 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hello guys
    I am Arka from Guru Nanak Engg College.. doin my 4-1 .. Recently i got thru da selection process of Syntel.. The event was held in Malla Reddy College of Engineering. As the remaining posts here say... The aptitude consists of two sections.. Reasoning and Verbal...The cut off for reasoning is 13 out of 25 questions and verbal needed 8 out of 15 questions.. U have a time of 1 hr to complete... My test started in da afternoon n it took nearly 4-5 hrs to announce da results for aptitude..

    Aptitude is the first hurdle.. n gettin thru this means half of the job is done.... If u hav taken up GRE coaching .. try solving the verbal part first n then come to reasoning.. but if u hav taken up a coachin of CAT then go for reasoning first.. as this section wil b very easy for them... reasoning is tough if u dnt hav touch wid it.. but refer some books n understand da methodologies to solve them before goin in..(howeva u'll shud better wat u shud do frst)

    Nearly 1000 students appeared for this test.. n they selected 200 out of them..n 36 were of my coll...nearly 8 colleges had participated. The remaining rounds were scheduled to be held four days later on sunday at 9 am.. They arranged us into batches n dependin on the batch either technical or HR cum GD was done first...

    My first interview was HR cum GD... it wasn't so tough...Our whole batch was allowed in all together.. n everyone had to talk abt self for 2 mins.. they basically check the communication n interactive skills here.. The HR may even ask some questions to check ur confidence.. but be confident in wateva ur answerin...

    Then she gave us a topic on GD.. Our topic was Globalization... Some advice wud lik to giv is.. neva b in a hurry to speak.. as if it is da only time u'll b allowed to speak.. dnt try to cut others statements n make ur point.. try comin to a conclusion n neva keep quiet in a GD.. speak somethng...

    As soon as i came out of the HR interview they intimated me dat i was selected and had to go for technical round. The technical round wudn't say is tough... but yes great way for dat guy to shake ur confidence.. he'll try his best but u hav to b at ur best...

    Try readin the basics of almost all core subjects wch u had in engg...n yes C programming.. dats very essential .. wateva branch u belong to..

    here's how my technical went..
    Tech: Where are u basically from(he was sure i wasn't of south seeing my name)?
    Me: i am basically of calcutta
    Tech: ok! What is an IP controller??
    Me: (shocked!! i was expecting questions frm C, C++ Java or some prog languages... my mind went blank...esp wen u get a yorker on ur frst ball).. sir! sorry sir am not dat gud at this subject... this isin't my core sir.. but am good wid da programming languages.. basically am frm IT( i escaped narrowly guys.. dnt try do this..)

    Tech: Dats y am asking u this question...Ok wat is a thread?
    Me: tried collecting somethng of dat blank mind... n answered somethng...
    Tech: Wat?? Arka do u knw or are u tryin to bluff?
    Me: Sir intentionally i dnt try to bluff but my answer can hav some mistakes..(2nd ball.. tried to hit but great fieldin by him)
    Tech: Wat is a process?
    Me: A programme in execution is a process(4 runs)
    Tech: Wats diff between parallel processing and chain processing?
    Me: Explained correctly..
    Tech: Are u really tryin to bluff?
    Me: Sir am very sure of parallel processing but chain processing can be made more perfect..( i dnt wanna challenge him but evn dnt wanna show dat am not confidnt)
    Tech: Wat is da role of OS during Booting?
    Me: answered
    Tech: Wat is a kernel?
    Me: answered to the point
    Tech: Wat is a function?
    Me: The very basic definition was explained without a single dount in mind
    Tech: Wat header file do u use to get graphics in C?
    Me: graphics.h
    Tech: How do u create a header file?
    Me: answered
    Tech:Difference between C and C++?
    Me: answered..
    Tech: C++ n Java?
    Me: made it as clear as water to him
    Tech: Wat header file do u use first in C++?
    Me: iostream.h
    Tech: Instead of headers wat do u use in Java?
    Me: packages ( a real long Tech isin't it? )
    Atlast he said.. it was nice meeting u Arka.. do u hav any questions?
    Me: Sir wat is it dat u r basically looking for?
    Tech: Arka basically we r looking for guys wid self confidence n a lil bit of basic skills... some thng more also but i forgot..

    So basically be through wid those basics.. n even if ur not.. be confident in any manner... try smiling all da time before him.. n neva show him dat ur tensed.. for some of my friends he asked questions such as Wat is Newton's II law .. Chemical formulaes n trignometry stuff... jus to see how he reacts.. react in a positive way.. try getting da answer.. but if ur not sure neva challenge him..

    The results came in 2 days later..  out of 36 frm my coll..14 were selected. I stil can't believe.. checked da list 3 times today...lolz. take care..jus confidence is wat u need to get into any company...
    Best of luck..

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