Syntel  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -12 Aug 2007

Syntel  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -12 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

    SYNTEL PAPER ON 12th august

    I attended SYNTEL interview on 12th august 2007. 

    1) >=55% in all examinations including 10th, 12th and college aggregate upto 5th semester.
    2) No standing arrears. 

    Selection Procedure
    Round 1: Aptitude Test
    Round 2: Technical Interview(P.I.)
    Round 3: Human Resource Interview(P.I.)

    Aptitude Test Pattern:
    Total Marks = 40
    Time allotted = 60 mins.
    No. of sections = 2
    No. of questions in 1st section = 25
    No. of questions in 2nd section = 15 
    Mark distribution = 1 mark each. (No negative marking)

    Aptitude Paper Section 1: Logical reasoning
    Aptitude Paper Section 2: English

    Technical Interview:
    Since I did a mini-project, I was asked to explain it! I took much time for that and explained it from the beginning, with its advantages and limitations.

    Then I was asked questions from C. Since I was a beginner in C, I could not answer much, but somehow managed with all I knew!

    Then, as I am from ECE department, questions from microprocessor was asked! The questions included 8086 microprocessor architecture, register structures, addressing modes, instruction set and so on. I answered all those questions but had some difficulties with the instructon set as he asked me to tell all the instructions I knew.

    Then, he gave me a paper and asked me to draw certain gate diagrams and also to write down the truth-table for those gates!
    These are the questions I remember.

    It all depends on how cool you are during the interviews! The more you get hot, greater are the chances for appearing blank before the personnels! So be cool and try to answer all the questions.

    Human Resource Interview:
    I had the HR round before the technical round. This was quite interesting....

    The interviewer was a Lady. She asked me to introduce myself. I told her my academic history. But as she emphasised on my personal life, I started with my hobbies. I said I love singing and playing guitar. Immediately she interrupted and asked me to sing a song for her. I was totally taken by surprise and had no other option but to sing!

    Then she went through my resume and asked me to explain what I learnt from the Industrial visits I had gone. I explained all that I knew. The interview went on interesting with many such questions. But these are some noteworthy ones!

    After the interviews were over, we were told that the results will be sent to the respective Placement Deans of each colleges. So we left very soon enjoying the rain that blessed that night!

    It was thursday when we attended the interviews, and on saturday I was informed through a phone-call from my Placement Dean that I was placed.


    Jesus Loves You!
    pam pami

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