Syntel  Placement Paper   General - Other   Vidyalankaar Institute Of Technology,Wadala-28 Mar 2008

Syntel  Placement Paper   General - Other   Vidyalankaar Institute Of Technology,Wadala-28 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello Friends.. I m Vinod Rathod pursuing my BE from Vidyalankar Institue of Technology, Wadala.
    Syntel visited our college on 28th march 2008 as 4th listed company.Friends i have given 3 aptitude earlier but i couldn't make to select to that but yes i do remember the quote which i use to say to
    all my friends and which is
    "Mayus na ho mere dost aaj to tujhe apni kamjhori se mulakat hui hai,ab to danke bajenge jasna ke kyun ki aaj se tere jeet ki shuruwat ho chuki hai"
    So don't be worried but yes do write down all the points bcoz of which u don't get selected for other
    rounds.So now talking about our syntel placement paper 
    Total marks : 50
    Total time alloted : 45 min
    Total Cut off : I think it was 40 (Dont get frighten)

    Sections : 
    1. Quantative & Logical Resoning ( 30 questions)
    2. Verbal (15 Questions)

    1. Aptitude test
    2. HR & Tech interview
    Now let me discuss the scenario what was seen created so that u will understand more clearly
    The reportinf time for syntel test was 9 am and student from Don Bosco, Sabbo Siddik, Vidyalankar
    where there for giving the test where selection criteria was moe then 55 % agg in 10th, 12th and till the end of ur 
    last sem and no KT(either live or dead) was allowed.But the pre placement talk started at 11:30 am after getting
    bored for 1 n half hr.Friends listen to the pre placement talk very carefully coz they will trap u in interview questions
    based on that.

    Then test started at 12 pm which was
    Hope this will tell u how simple it was.. some of the questions i remembered
    1.anology type questions like 
    this was very simple u dont even have to think
    2.odd man out
    like glass, mug, pottery, beaker
    ans is beaker this was simple but u will have to think on there properties.
    3.finding relations
    Marble,Slates, Gneiss
    1.All 2 r metamorphic rocks
    2.All 3 in white color such 4 options were theer ans is 1st one
    4: If x exceed half of x by 35 then finf value of x?
    5. If x is added to twelve time that no then ans is 169 the find x?
    6:Coding type problem
    They had given that A=1, B=2, C=3 & so on
    Then what is the code for blue. such 3 questions were there
    7: Now here onwards u will have to be alert 
    it was based on logic that if there r 5 persons a,b,c,d,e aall travel to bangalore kolkata chennai delhi hyderabad
    by mumbai using train bus boat aeroplane car n some conditions were given just analyse n u can asw all 5 questions based on that
    8: data interpretation
    One table was given based on skilled, unskilled, semi skilled worker this was simple 
    9 : time and work problem 
    3 question out of that 1 was easy but other were bouncer but if u have studied then u can manage
    10. in English just prepare for anomaly type question n article tenses simple u can manage if ur english is
    not good (mind my word if not good).

    After this test was over n they told results will be announced after 2 hrs but was actually announced after 3 hrs
    many student were short listed will let u know after some time. 

    Then my interview was 17th on the 3rd list which was around 10 min interview.

    Questions asked were :
    1.Tell me something about yourself?
    Do prepare this question properly coz they will ask u question based on that they never take your resume)
    2.Stand up and go o stage n give a presentation on what u know about syntel for 5 min?
    I was stunned for a moment yaar but home how i manage n was confident to what i said but friend it was done only
    with me)
    3.Tell me fast about your % from 10th to 5th Sem ?
    Here they see your presence of mind whether u say correct or not
    4.Tell me about computers
    5.What is frontend and backend?
    6.Founder of microsoft?
    7.Who develop JAVA?

    Then he told me i m glad to meet u i told y not? N that was a moment when i injured his brain coz i was confident n cool 
    Then after my interview they told that result will be out by 9:30 pm but after all interview they ran from the college 
    without saying any thing. they told that result will be sent to placement officer after one wee k but it was displayed 
    on the next that in which my name shining like a pearls.

    In all 180 student participated out of that 125 got selected for interview n i don't know how much got slected coz there 
    were 3 colleges.

    Friends don't be worried coz
    "Confidence comes naturally with success,.
    but in order to be success full u will have to be confident."

    Bye.........Hope to see u all in SYNTEL

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