Syntel  Placement Paper   General - Interview   GRIET, Hyderabad-9 Jan 2011

Syntel  Placement Paper   General - Interview   GRIET, Hyderabad-9 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    This is kranthi from Griet college, Hyderabad.
    Eligibility criteria:
    Should hav 50% aggregate through out academics
    No backlogs as of now. (active backlog)
    There were 3 rounds.
    1. Online aptitude test (held for all colleges..througout A.P)
    2. H.R interview.
    3.Technical interview.

    The aptitude test consisted of LR+verbal+quant. (results are announced after a week) outof 150+ students 33 had cleared and shortlisted. For next rounds. From our college.

    The next 2 rounds were conducted at Vardhaman College for 3 days. There are more than 1500 students who cleared written throughout the A.P. So they had taken 3 days for interviews for all the students.

    My interview was on 1st day and batch4.

    Batch4 started at 8 p.m.
    HR interview:
    * Tell me about yourself?
    * Strenghts?
    * Weekness?
    * Family backround?
    * Why I should hire you?
    * Why Syntel?
    * Willing to work any where?
    For how many years will you work for syntel? (asked me to say some specific number of years.
    Extra curricular activities.
    * Intrested in which subject?
    * Goal?
    In which type of company would you luck to join? (asked me to tell the name of company)
    Guys. Please be in confidence with you are answers at HR round. It is easy to clear the HR round.

    Remember they check our confidence thats it and please keep eye contact with the interviewer.

    Next I was shortlisted for the technical round.

    Technical round:

    There were two people(interviewers) in tech round

    Good eveng mam,gud eveng sir.
    Good evng kranthi please be sitted.

    Asked my name.
    You cleared HR round right?
    Yes mam.
    * Asked about myself
    * Asked a puzzle
    * Asked about goals
    * About project
    * About family backround
    * Willing to work anywhere?
    * Any questioons?

    Guys technical round was so easy. The syntel people check your communication skills and confidence not the tech.

    They need good comuniction skills thats it.

    The results for interviews are announced after a week on 22nd Jan with God grace I'm the one who got selected (10 students from our colg outof 33)

    This was the 5th company to our college. So guys please never lose you are hope be confident.
    Try till you succeed never give up.

    All the best!
    See you at Syntel!

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