Syntel  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Arunai Engg College, Thiruvannamalai , TN-14 Jul 2007

Syntel  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Arunai Engg College, Thiruvannamalai , TN-14 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, My name is Gabriel Oliver Washington from C.Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering and Technology, Vellore TN,pusuing my B.Tech IT
    I was selected in Syntel through the off campus at Arunai Engineering College. There were about 8 colleges participating and around 600 candidates. Around 40 candidates were selected(not sure) 7 from our college.

    Our interview process had 3 stages
    1.Logical & English
    2.HR Round
    3.Technical Round

    Logical & Reasoning:
    This round in syntel is a bit difficult compared to other written papers as it does'nt have any aptitude and u hav nothin to work with formulas. You have 25 Qs from Logical(Verbal & Non Verbal)Reasoning , 15 Qs from English
    R.S Agarwal Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning book is more than enough.

    Topics u need to prepare:
    LOGICAL PART: analogy, classification, series completion, coding & decoding, Blood Relations, puzzle test, Syllogism,analytical Reasoning
    ENGLISH: Antonymns, Synonymns, Find the Gramatical error, Complete the sentence.

    I did'nt hav Qs from all these topics but these r the topics u can expect in ur written test.
    Test Duration is 1 hour. Type - filling the omr sheet
    Time management is very important.

    Practice all type of problems as it takes u more time to solve cos these are not aptitude type Qs. After the Written Test about 2 hrs Later the results were anounced. My name was the last one to be read out. Then The PPT was conducted and presented about their company's vision, mission, customers, the training, salary, bond ect. We were said that we had to sign a bond of 2 yrs for a pay of 2.6 lacs PA. Later we were given a HR form to be filled were u enter personal information and Key skills. U can expect Qs from key skills.

    Te HR round was very easy for me.
    ME:excuse me ma'am may i come in
    INTERVIEWER:yes Mr.olver
    ME:Good evening ma'am
    IVWR:please take ur seat
    ME:thank u ma'am
    IVWR:so how was the day 2day
    ME:fine ma'am
    IVWR:introduce yourself
    ME:My name is ... bla bla bla.....(personal,curricular,co curricular,extra curricular,leadership quality, Industrial visit, hobbies, strength.)
    IVWR:So now y should i giv u a job
    ME: I'm a B.Tech Student doin my Final yr and i have a few talents and knowledge in computers that u can make it better so that i will work for your industry to make more profit, u giv me a part of that profit for my contribution in it as a salary.I'll make the company grow and i'll grow along with it.
    IVWR: u can go and attend the Tech round
    ME:thank u ma'am


    the QS were from core subjects ,c ,c++ and data structures for me and all of my frnds. As I was from IT I had Qs like
    1.wat r the stages in a software life cycle
    2.wat is slice time
    3.does the slice time change
    4.On wat basis
    4.Dif b/w System s/w & appln s/w
    5.named a few s/w and told to identify them and y.
    6.Wat is a tree
    7.Explain Binary tree
    8.wat is the basic rule of binary tree
    9.Explain Linked List
    10.Explain Stack & Queue

    I Dint prepare tech that deep so I walked in nervous. But Qs were easy but still cudnt cum out with ans b'cos of nervousness. Later aftr 4 Qs i was confident & answered. My tech Interview performance was not that good even though I got selected.

    Its Important to know that they look out for good communication skills.
    One last tip : One of my best friends who has an Excellent Academic Perfomance & good communication skills was out in HR round just of 1 reason.
               He was caught in a Q - who is ur role model?
               He answered Bill Gates and the interviewer started firing Qs about Bill Gates, and he got caught in aQ - Wat was the latest award he got? The interviewer asked him cant u keep urself well informed about ur role model and he was out .

    So better tell a person whom u r confident abt or else opt for options like 10th maths ma'am, My Uncle ,DAD ect.. noting down a few success and good characters.

    Hope my experience Explains and u get a little idea about Syntel,
    Prepare well.......See you at Syntel..........

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