Syntel  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-14 Jul 2007

Syntel  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-14 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, Iam from GITAM,Vizag. I have been selected for syntel on 14-07-2007
    The test is on-campus for our college only. Total 120 students appeared the written test. out of which 52 were cleared for next round that is Tech/Hr.

    The written test very simple 25 questions of aptitude and cut off is 13 strictly and verbal 15 questions 8 is the cutoff strictly. out of which the first 10 are very tough
    (1-5)  six sentences are given arrange them in order and question will be like this
    Q)which will be the third sentence in paragraph
    a) A b)C c)E d)F e)B

    (6-10) four types of lengthy sentences are given and you have to decide which is
    1)assertion 2)Supporting Statement 3)Contradictory Statement 4)not related to the topic
    This is very confusing and time consuming.

    (11-25) are very easy if you answer them carefully you will get 15 out of 15 and it will take les than 10 minutes
    Q)In a certain code TELEPHONE is written as ENOHPELET then how do you write FRESHERSWORLD like as my experience is considered better to leave 1-10 answer the remaining 15 you can answer correctly.

    When yu come to verbal part there were 4 analogies which are simple if you thorougly prepare R.S.Agarwal(verbal &non-verbal Reasoning) you will answer them four correctly. So,it is very easy to pass the written test.

    After You cleared ythe written test they will give you a BIODATA form of Syntel you have to fill it carefully and remember what you have written in it
    in hobbies section try to write some what intersting you do In case of me I wrote (browsing through net for new software updates)
    And next comes to Tech cum Hr for us both are same i.e 2 persons in the same panel( i dont know why)
    But it is very easy since i wrote browsing through net
    he asked me what new softwares you browsed and conversation goes for 15 minutes on it and i impressed him
    and then he asked me what do you know about syntel and again impressed him with my answer

    then he came into tech these are vey light
    1)what is a pointer
    2)what is an array
    3)can you write a program using both
    4)can you write a structure for double linked list
    5)what is the difference b/w structure and a collection
    like that very simple questions

    and they said you may go now, but i interfered and asked them "may i ask you a question". they said sure
    1)what advice do you give to a person in my position?
    2)If I join Syntel how will be my Growth?
    with that my Hr/Tech round was completed and after that. out of 52 students 24 were filtered and im one among them. ok thank you guys all the best for your future

    Pray God.........

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