Syntel  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Nandha Engg,Coimbatore Tamilnadu-16 Dec 2007

Syntel  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Nandha Engg,Coimbatore Tamilnadu-16 Dec 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi i am lashmi narasimhan from SNRSONS college ,coimbatore,tamil nadu. i m going to tell some secrets about systel interview,...before tha we hav 2 discuss some basic concepts about interview k. dont loose ur hope .if u selector not select it dsnt matter k but u hav to try day god will give good oppurtunity to you... making of a pyramid will tak more time than ordinary building but its pride???????.so be confident k.

    There was 60 questions 1 hr time only 55%&above allowed package 2.15 lacs. 2 section in apti 1st is logical with quanti and 2nd is verbal to crack quanti just do RS agarwal verbal and nonvebal book not all section just see ssome models k. for me there is no negative marking .its very very quanti many ques same ans . just the twisted the ques thats all. from 1200 stdnts 200 short listed .

    Then i cleared Gd but usually there is no GD but for us total no is too high know so to reduce that we had gd topic is simple who is succesful person men or women ? i talkd abt men .. dnt bother about english speak speak thats all.

    Next round is rapit fire round form ur ans immediately they ask ques dnt try to give exact ans just bluf(for eg how mny clubs do u hav ... 5 rotary red ribbon etc,hwmny studnts per class like that)

    Next technical  so simple i mentioned only c and sql (simple queries}they ask simple things lik wt is pointer,arry,structure?
    wt is diff between structure and arry or union ?
    is array pionter?
    wt is mean by %u  etc only theory not prgm i escapd but many of my frnds have prgm..from 200 people 60 shrt listed for HR then finnally only 48 student are selected i m th 47th person ... be bold,confident u will succed

    Bye alll the best

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