Syntel  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Jaya Engineering College,Thiruninravur- Chennai-5 Jul 2007

Syntel  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Jaya Engineering College,Thiruninravur- Chennai-5 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends,  

    This is R.kiruthiga from jaya engineering college. We had syntel on-campus on july 5th. Around 850 students attended the test, out of which 68 were short-listed from aps and finally 12 were selected from our college.I m one of them.


    It totally consisted of 

    2.Personal H R

    3.Tech H R


    The aps consists of both logical and verbal. verbal was quite easy but logical was bit confusing and tricky.There is a cut-off for both the sections.logical part consists of 25 questions and verbal consists of 15 questions.


    CUT-OFF -logical: 15 out of 25 questions

                      -verbal: 8 out of 15 questions


    Logical consisted of-Coding and decoding,blood relations,syllologism,analogy ..and verbal consisted of ?correct the sentence,data sufficiency,fill in the blanks?

    Refer R.S AGARWAL for logical and BARRONS book for verbal.


    After clearing the aps ,a form will be given to us. we ve to fill tat carefully.because mostly the questions will be asked from tis rather than ur resume.It consists of ur personal details,project details,software skills,and other activities.


    5 students were made to sit together for personal H R.each of us were asked to tell abt ourselves..The questions will be asked from wat ever u jus be confident in wat ever u say.Then GD was conducted for 5 of us ..the topic was ?PRESENT EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM? and 2 were eliminated frm this round.Good communication skill is just enough.and then we were sent for Technical H R


    Since I belong to cse dept, I was asked some basic concepts and simple programs.Just try to have a basic idea about data structures, Dbms, networks, java and operating system.


    Finally the results were announced the next day i.e on 6th july at 4:30 pm?and I m proud to say tat I m a syntelite?jus be confident frds..i ve attended nearly 5 companies but I couldn get through?finally I ve made don?t lose hopes at any cost??Failure is the stepping stone to success??so ALL THE BEST frds?..hope tis is useful ??

    I would like to thank all who had posted in freshers world which helped me a lot to get through in SYNTEL..surelly all of u ll cme out wit flying colors..


    C u all in syntel..

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