Syntel  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   HKBK College Of Engg-28 Apr 2007

Syntel  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   HKBK College Of Engg-28 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi every body in Asma, I recently got placed in syntel.

    The recruitment was held for 2008 batch on 28 th n 29th of April 07 in hkbkce in Bangalore n 22 colleges were invited n knsit was one among them.

    There were 2 rounds:-

    1) Written test

    The test consisted of 2 sections n was for 1 hour


    i) Logical reasoning (25 questions cut off 13):
    Questions were like find the odd word,puzzles,blood relations,series of symbols, logical deductions like syllogism.


    ii)English section(15 questions cut off 8):-

    small passage will be given n we need to select a sentence to represent d meaning of the passage. Fill in  the blanks  with appropriate words. find the grammatical error in the sentence.     


    Out of 2,500 students 96 cleared the written test.


    2)tech n hr interview :-  

    it was held the next day i.e. 29 april.

    there were 2 people interviewing each candidate


    the questions were quite simple  

    1)tell me abt urself

    2)which is ur fav subject

    3)diff between c n c++

    4)what is data structures

    5)what do u know in dbms

    6)what is sql

    7)what r pointers

    8)diff b/w main mem n auxiliary mem

    9)what search engines do u use

    10)are u aware of any new innovations in software field

    11)do u have any questions for us


    out of 96 students 30 were placed.

    The main thing is to be positive n confident.

    They are looking for people who know c and have good communication skill.


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