Syntel  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   ANITS, Vizag.-13 Jul 2007

Syntel  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   ANITS, Vizag.-13 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, Iam Sarat. Im frm Al-Ameer College Of Engg & IT.  Syntel Conducted its campus in Anits, Vizag on 13th july. Around.. 400 people attended for the written test,

    Written test procedure is..
    It contains 2 Sections
    1. Reasoning section[ 25 que, cutoff for this section is 13]
    2.Verbal[15  que, cutoff is 8]

    Reasoning part is very easy...  5 que  based on  a puzzel...  6  que based on series... and 6 que based assertion part..( i.e he will give 4 statements.. a,b,c,d.. we have say the order of those statements.. whether it is an I. assertion II. supporting assertion III. Counter assertion IV. Irrelevant statement,, this is not so tough.. but time taking..) and few simple que.. dont worry u can reach cutoff very easily in this section....
    Coming to Verbal part 3 analogies 2 antonyms 5 to 6 que on the meanings of the underlined part of the sentence... and, he will give a statement based on that statement he will give 4 sub statements. we have to say how many of them relates to the given statement.. such ques are 5 to 6...
    well friends u have to work on verbal section more because. most of the students got higher marks in reasoning part.. like 22 23 out of 25 but failed to get 8 in verbal.. so its quite a bit tough.. a little work gets u in.. dont worry..
    well out of 400 students 151 students got thru written,,,

    Actually Syntel consists 3 rounds.. written technical and Hr... but for us both technical and Hr happened at a time because of time rush... actually the recruitment process happens for 2 days.. but day 1 of recruitment ended wit only they conducted everything in 2nd day..

    well my term is so far.. and as it is getting late.. first they conducted tech+Hr for gals... i entered hr room at 10.30 pm,, he is a cool guy named prasanth.. had a smile on his face... first he had a glance on my certificates,,, as they are less.. he asked did u submit all d certi..  i said yes sir.. he checked all of them, as i had no backlogs.. he is impressed some wat.. and asked abt my hobbies... and as im eee guy.. asked abt basics in electrical.. and some c ques.. thats it.. wen he said any queries.. i asked his name.. abt training period..and my feed back.. he didnt praise me as so he didnt curse me.. everything went well... and results came after one day... and im one of the 49 recruited students.. and frm our college 10 were there in those 49.. im d first guy of my class who got selected.

    And frds.. this is my 5th drive, actually i thougt of skipping it,but because of my frd's force i went... so frds dont know wer our luck will be, dont get disappointed..try ur luck all d best...

    Hope my experience helps u...

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