Synergy  Placement Paper      -20 Feb 2009

Synergy  Placement Paper      -20 Feb 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends, The Company named Synergy Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.,Lucknow was appeared in our college and they selected 19 students out of 300 and luckily I was one of them The Company Selection includes 4 rounds: 

    • Written Test
    • Group Discussion
    • Technical
    • HR Interview 

    In First section: It contains an aptitude Test (totally quantitative) 40 questions have to be solved in 1 hour The questions comprises of simple quantitative ability based on time & Work, Distance, Trains and Boats..... A gr8 number of questions based on Profit & Loss, Percentage, Probability were there. One can easily solve these questions by practicing R.S Agarwal The paper needs lot of practice. The cut off was high.....No negative marking was there. out of 300 only 97 were selected in written. 
    The Next Section
    comprises group Discussion: They had given case study to every individual depends upon their resume profile. One should know each & everything about its resume. They asked Questions like: -

    1. Are you satisfied with former P.M of India? 
    2. Is Television a Boon or Bean for teenagers? 
    3. Tell about your 3 disqualities? 
    4. Tell any motivational Statement? 
    5. How other sports can be made more popular than cricket? 

    One should have positive approach ,innovative & good communication skills to clear case study discussion in this company. Only 40 were selected out of 97 for interview. 
    The Next Section includes Technical + HR Interview:
    The Interview was very tough for all branches...... Basically this company deals with BTS Installation So it will ask mainly communicational aspects from electronics aspirants. 

    1. In my Interview they ask about: what are active & passive components? 
    2. What are multivibrators & multiplexers? 
    3. Tell about rectifiers and draw their waves? 
    4. What is MIMO & Zigbee? 
    5. What are D-Mosfet & E-Mosfet? 
    6. What are breeder Resisters? 
    7. What is 3 dB cut off frequency? 
    8. How does call generated? 
    9. What is SIM and IMEI Number? 

    There are about 80-90 questions asked from me... One should have a right & strong knowledge of its branch concepts. In HR...they will mainly see about your communication skills and positive attitude......You should be very confident during your interview.... Only 19 were selected out of 40... and at that lucky day.....& By god's grace.....I got my first offer letter... All the Best .... 
    Tulika Gera

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