Synergy  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vaish College Of Engineering, Rohtak-26 Nov 2008

Synergy  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vaish College Of Engineering, Rohtak-26 Nov 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


     my self Gaurav sikka from Vaish college of engineering, Rohtak.......

    Synergy management services/Tele services visited our college on 26 & 27 th of Nov 2008

    The branches allowed for written were CS, IT, MCA & ECE. 250 students sat in written out of which 125 were able t clear the written test........



    next was a communication round, that was an intro cum extempore kinda round in which u batches of 30 students were called in the conference room & were made t introduce themselves one by one & HR was asking questions related to their hobbies, strebgths, weaknesses & all. Also we were asked to speak upon a topic like.........

    # Ur native city
    # Ur family values (not value of ur family)
    # Tata Nano
    # Politics Vs Ethics
    # Bi-party Vs Multi-party......etc etc

    After this results were declared, this communication round being an elimination round only 50-60 students were able to make it to the next roundthat was the Technical cum HR round.

    CS & IT students had seperate techincal round & HR rounds but ECE students (including me) just had to pass through the TEchnical/HR round.

    Mine TECHNICAL round was scheduled for 27th Nov at 9 am but when i reached my college, i was shocked to see some students in formals, those who were not in the list of result for previous round. [mind it,dont hesitate if u have some approach on ur TPO.]

    My Technical/HR round : Group of 3 students were called in for this round. as soon as we entered, the HR asked for our respective resume... after handing over resume, the 1st question he asked was.......

    HR : So, Gaurav sikka tell e something aboiut ur technical skills
    ME : Sir m having a Basic knowledge of C & DE is kindda faviorite subject....
    HR : What about Power electronics ?
    ME : Sir, i m sorry but i never got a chance to study Power electronics
    HR : Ok tell me whats an Op-amp
    Me : Op-amp is the common name used for IC-741 & bla bla bla (i think he was just looking for a gud start)
    HR : OK, Good !
    ME : Thankyou sir
    HR : tell me smthin abt IC 555 Timer
    ME : Sorry sir, i'v no idea about it.
    HR : U know GSM ?
    ME : Yes sir
    HR : can u draw the Block diagram of GSM ?
    ME : Yes sir sure, May i have that paper ?
    HR : YEah sure
    Me : After completing within half a minute......... handsed over the sheet to him
    HR : Please explain it !
    ME : explained everything....... i was confused in between my explanation so he made be comfortale by asking me to cool down & all, after that i explained everything slowly.......
    HR : in betwen my explanation he said... AB TO GAYA , AB TO GAYA :D
    ME : I gave a amile & said sir just gimne 5 sec
    HR : OK
    ME : Then explained completely.
    HR : Thankyou
    ME :Thankyou sir & was leavng the door when he called me back......
    HR : Have a seat, Tell e something about ur family
    ME : Told
    HR: why dont u join ur father
    Me : Answered
    HR : What do u think, u have some approach in corporate sector or not ?
    ME : Answered
    HR : What u expect from ur first job ?
    ME : Answered
    HR : Hobbies
    ME : Animation :D he was impressed
    HR : So u r ready to move to lucknow with us ?
    ME : yeas sir no problem at all..........

    Finally result was decl;ared after 6-7 hrs of waiting & waiting.......... i was 99.99% sure about my selection...... & i got my name in the list....

    buit even here some students managed to get there names in the final result with approach :D ........... hope u got my point loud & clear........

    Some other questions from y fellow batch mates ........

    8086 /8085 pin diag & architecture
    details of GSM
    SIM card
    Data comunication (MODES : serial, paallel)
    IC 55 timer

    i was not selkected in INFY & LnT so guys dont loose hope u will get placed in one or other company sooon.

    Best of luck

    Regards :
    Gaurav sikka
    Orkut accnt :

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