Synergy  Company Profile

Synergy  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Synergy InfoSystem is one of the fastest growing group of well trained IT professionals, eminent engineers with an object contributing to the fast changing business environment, intellectual awakening, social transformation in different spheres including economical, social & technological fields in the world, with over 6years of experience in delivering innovative quality for complete IT solution business. Synergy infosystem is in the process of being ISO 9001:2000 certified and being assessed at the SEI CMM Level 3.Its technical capabilities include design & development of applications, client/server systems, internet technologies to support e-business initiatives, data mining solutions, multimedia design including 3D modeling & Web development and E-governance initiatives.

    Synergy infosystem is dedicated to being totally focused on the client's requirements and delivery schedules. The company offers long term commitments and seeks relationships that would weld its position as a leading outsourcing solutions provider backed up by cutting edge technology initiatives, with complete assurance of quality benchmarks.Right through its inception, Synergy infosystem has been run by competant people who understand the role of technology in modern day business activities. Some of the key people behind Synergy infosystem include the big veterans in IT business of the globe.

    Contact Address:
    MB/1 Shakarpur Delhi 092, India
    Phone: 01164606251,9211215689


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