Subex Azure  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Bangalore-15 Jul 2008

Subex Azure  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Bangalore-15 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hello everybody, i have attended the walk in for subex in its complex at bangalore .first they conduct written test ten other round like gd, two technical and hr.
    i have attend the written test, they have two sets of question but 80% questions are similar.

    there was 3 parts
    2)analytical reasoning
    3)Brain teasers

    the duration of the test was 90 brain teasers the question i remember are:
    1)If x=y=2z and xyz=256 then what is the value of x?
    (a)12 (b)8 (c)16 (d)6
    Ans. (b)

    2)Pipe A can fill in 20 minutes and Pipe B in 30 mins and Pipe C can empty the same in 40 mins. If all of them work together, find the time taken to fill the tank
    (a) 17 1/7 mins (b) 20 mins (c) 8 mins (d) none of these
    Ans. (a)

    3) Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day. How many hour a day should 40 men work to complete the job?
    (a) 8 hrs (b) 7 1/2 hrs (c) 7 hrs (d) 9 hrs
    Ans. (b)

    4) A goat is tied to one corner of a square plot of side 12m by a rope 7m long. Find the area it can graze?
    (a) 38.5 sq.m (b) 155 sq.m (c) 144 sq.m (d) 19.25 sq.m
    Ans. (a)

    5) The average age of 10 members of a committee is the same as it was 4 years ago, because an old member has been replaced by a young member. Find how much younger is the new member ?
    Ans.40 years.

    6) ABCE is an isosceles trapezoid and ACDE is a rectangle. AB = 10 and EC = 20. What is the length of AE?
    Ans. AE = 10

    7) What is the missing number in this series?1 2 4 13 31 112 ?

    In verbal they a passage and ask some questions.
    In analytical reasoning they ask
    I)   Five houses lettered A,B,C,D, & E are built in a row next to each other. The houses are lined up in the order A,B,C,D, & E. Each of the five houses has a colored chimney. The roof and chimney of each house must be painted as follows.
    i. The roof must be painted either green, red ,or yellow.
    ii. The chimney must be painted either white, black, or red.
    iii. No house may have the same color chimney as the color of roof.
    iv. No house may use any of the same colors that the every next house uses.
    v. House E has a green roof.
    vi. House B has a red roof and a black chimney

    1.Which of the following is true ?
    (a) At least two houses have black chimney.
    (b) At least two houses have red roofs.
    (c) At least two houses have white chimneys
    (d) At least two houses have green roofs
    (e) At least two houses have yellow roofs
    Ans: (c)

    2.Which must be false ?
    (a) House A has a yellow roof
    (b) House A & C have different color chimney
    (c) House D has a black chimney
    (d) House E has a white chimney
    (e) House B&D have the same color roof.
    Ans: (b)

    3.If house C has a yellow roof. Which must be true.
    (a) House E has a white chimney
    (b) House E has a black chimney
    (c) House E has a red chimney
    (d) House D has a red chimney
    (e) House C has a black chimney
    Ans: (a)

    4.Which possible combinations of roof & chimney can house
    I. A red roof 7 a black chimney
    II. A yellow roof & a red chimney
    III. A yellow roof & a black chimney
    (a) I only (b) II only (c) III only (d) I & II only (e) I&II&III
    Ans: (e)

    II) In a certain society, there are two marriage groups, red and brown. No marriage is permitted within a group. On marriage, males become part of their wives groups; women remain in their own group. Children belong to the same group as their parents. Widowers and divorced males revert to the group of their birth. Marriage to more than one person at the same time and marriage to a direct descendant are forbidden
    1.A brown female could have had
    I. A grandfather born Red
    II. A grandmother born Red
    III Two grandfathers born Brown
    (A) I only (B) III only (C) I, II and III (D) I and II only
    Ans. D

    2.A male born into the brown group may have
    (A) An uncle in either group
    (B) A brown daughter
    (C) A brown son
    (D) A son-in-law born into red group Ans. A

    3.Which of the following is not permitted under the rules as stated.
    (A) A brown male marrying his father's sister
    (B) A red female marrying her mother's brother
    (C) A widower marrying his wife's sister
    (D) A widow marrying her divorced daughter's ex-husband
    Ans. B

    4.. If widowers and divorced males retained their group they had upon marrying which of the following would be permissible ( Assume that no previous marriage occurred)
    (A) A woman marrying her dead sister's husband
    (B) A woman marrying her divorced daughter's ex-husband
    (C) A widower marrying his brother's daughter
    (D) A woman marrying her mother's brother who is a widower.
    Ans. D

    III) The letters A, B, C, D, E, F and G, not necessarily in that order, stand for seven consecutive integers from 1 to 10, D is 3 less than A, B is the middle term
    F is as much less than B as C is greater than D, G is greater than F,
    1. The fifth integer is
    (a) A (b) C (c) D (d) E (e) F
    Ans. (a)

    2.A is as much greater than F as which integer is less than G
    (a) A (b) B (c) C (d) D (e) E
    Ans. (a)

    3.If A = 7, the sum of E and G is
    (a) 8 (b) 10 (c) 12 (d) 14 (e) 16
    Ans. (a)

    4.A - F = ?
    (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 (e) Cannot be determined
    Ans. (a)

    5.An integer T is as much greater than C as C is greater than E. T can be written as A + E. What is D?
    (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5 (e) Cannot be determined
    Ans. (a)

    6.The greatest possible value of C is how much greater than the smallest possible value of D?
    (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5 (e) 6
    Ans. (a)

    IV) For a motorist there are three ways going from City A to City C. By way of bridge the distance is 20 miles and toll is $0.75. A tunnel between the two cities is a distance of 10 miles and toll is $1.00 for the vehicle and driver and $0.10 for each passenger. A two-lane highway without toll goes east for 30 miles to city B and then 20 miles in a northwest direction to City C.
    1.Which is the shortest route from B to C
    (a) Directly on toll free highway to City C (b) The bridge (c) The Tunnel
    (d) The bridge or the tunnel (e) The bridge only if traffic is heavy on the toll free highway
    Ans. (a)

    2.The most economical way of going from City A to City B, in terms of toll and distance is to use the
    (a) tunnel    (b) bridge    (c) bridge or tunnel   (d) toll free highway   (e) bridge and highway
    Ans. (a)

    3.Jim usually drives alone from City C to City A every working day. His firm deducts a percentage of employee pay for lateness. Which factor would most influence his choice of the bridge or the tunnel ?
    (a) Whether his wife goes with him
    (b) scenic beauty on the route
    (c) Traffic conditions on the road, bridge and tunnel
    (d) saving $0.25 in tolls
    (e) price of gasoline consumed in covering additional 10 miles on the bridge
    Ans. (a)

    4.In choosing between the use of the bridge and the tunnel the chief factor(s) would be:
    I. Traffic and road conditions
    II. Number of passengers in the car
    III. Location of one's homes in the center or outskirts of one of the cities
    IV. Desire to save $0.25
    (a) I only   (b) II only   (c) II and III only    (d) III and IV only    (e) I and II only
    Ans. (a)

    Some other reasoning I do not remember but it is related to hostel in which some are facing to beach and demand more if there is kitchen like that.. Questions are easy. i have given the accurate questions.

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