Subex Azure  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bhubaneswar-10 Jul 2007

Subex Azure  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bhubaneswar-10 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends this is Pratyush from RIT . I have given the campus intro for subex at kiit Bhubaneswar on Aug 2007 and I was selected .I am going to join there on
    june 2008.

    There are four stages.

    1. written test [on c ,c++ , datastructure  numericals , a little bit easier,,and a programmes]
    2. first tech interview[may b a programe of file handelling,datastructure,or a c++ prog.]
    3. second tech interview[questions on c,c++,datastruct,rdbms,operating system,networking,microprocessor,ur branch subject]
    4. HR round.

    Here I m going to share my experience of interviews and the questions with u.
    It was nearly fifty minitues.and taken by two tech persons

    1.write a program,to replace all the ?a?s by ?an?s that comes before a word starting with vowels in a text file.
    2.write a program to change a word ?black? by ?white? whenever it comes in a text file.
    3.what r the functions present in string.h library.what is the main diff between strcat and strcpy.
    4.write a program on file redundency .
    They also asked questions on each programe, they want me to explain all those .

    It was nearly 45mins,and taken by a senior project manager.

    He gave me a pro on file to count no of lines,blank lines present in a text file,Then asked me questios form all subjects like , c , c++ , rdbms , datastructure ,communication system, micro processor ,digital elec circuits, flip flops ,linked lists, Pointers,array.

    It was nearly about 30mins,taken by a lady senior HR person,

    1 She asked normal HR question like my introduction, hobbies, what are my strong qualities, tell us a situation where  u show ur stronges points, why u want to join at subex, wht r ur extra activities,

    They are providing a good package (3.5 per anum) and stipend from last semester.

    Well friends u need to have a good knowledge of file handelling,c,c++,rdbms,datastructure
    For file handling u can refer CIMPLE by susant raut of lakshya.

    All da best ,and hope to meet u at subex.

    I  hope this will help u people.


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